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Andrii Bas is a true visionary and leader. He co-founded three remarkable startups (Plai, Dyvo.ai, Natively) and established two service businesses (Uptech and Sommo) that offer top-tier technological solutions to startups and large corporations.

Back in 2016, Andrii kickstarted Uptech with a bold ambition in mind: to build apps that make a real impact on the world. With expertise in validating app ideas, conducting meticulous research, and building minimum viable products (MVPs), Andrii earned the utmost respect in the startup sphere. In fact, he's made a splash in the prestigious Y Combinator program, reaching the final round and leaving an indelible mark on the startup scene with his product for people management – Plai.

Currently, Andrii is at the forefront of product development using generative AI, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create innovative solutions. His passion for innovation knows no bounds, and he generously shares his wisdom and insights through various platforms and captivating podcast appearances. Don't miss out on his thought-provoking articles on platforms like Maddyness.

With his extensive background in the startup ecosystem and hands-on experience in building successful ventures, Andrii provides valuable guidance to aspiring founders. His passion for technology and commitment to innovative applications make him an invaluable entrepreneur in the industry.

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