The healthcare industry is undergoing a digital boom. Uptech is one of the few healthcare software development companies that provide a full-cycle healthcare app development. 

We design and develop healthcare software for doctors, hospitals, labs, medical manufacturing companies, and healthcare startups. Our clients say that we work fast, come up with innovative ideas, and build great and quality apps. 
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Here are the areas we cover in healthcare software development :


Leverage customer experience by creating mobile apps that enable communication with doctors, track conditions, and manage visits in a few clicks.


Make healthcare available for everyone and everywhere by using digital transformation and remote communication.

Hospital management system

Speed up hospital processes and improve the workflow by gathering data about patients, doctors, staff, and hospital administration in one software.

Electronic Health Records​​

Make the treatment process data-driven by providing custom medical software development services that collect patients' health information. It's basically a "clinician treatment card" in software.

Internet of Medical Things

Help organizations in medical field achieve better patient outcomes by developing IoT platforms that generate, collect, analyze and transmit data between medical devices, software applications, and health systems.

Ready to implement the latest innovations to build a healthcare app that matters?

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Choose what services you’d like to outsource to

Digital Transformation
Looking for tech solutions to automate healthcare processes? Digital transformation is the way out. We are here to lend you a hand and modify the existing brick-and-mortar processes into simple, fast, and modern tech solutions. In the end, you'll have an app that meets business and market requirements.
We use Clean Architecture approach to build reliable and extendable applications that solve business needs and that users fall in love with. Following Google design and UX guidelines we build the apps that are subsequently featured on Google Play.
Not sure about your target audience? Or don't know what features to add to your MVP? The discovery stage kills two birds with one stone. We undertake user and market research, prototype and test ideas, and validate the tech feasibility of your future product to find the market fit.
UX/UI Design
Wanting to build a healthcare product with a personalized user experience? We have something to offer you. Uptech design team creates research-based UX&UI designs for both patients and medical staff. With 6+ years of experience creating smooth user flows and intuitive app design for healthcare software, we'll surprise you with the result.
Custom medical software development
Looking for a dedicated and business-oriented healthcare software engineering firm? You can hire a developer or the whole team to build a software product. We dive into the client's business to be on the same page. We start the development after understanding business goals and internal processes. We don't deliver services only, we become your partners. 

Products we crafted

Here’s how we helped our clients make the most of the healthcare industry

healthcare software development case
Mental Health App
# Discovery
# Design
# Mobile App development

We validated the idea of the mental health app and leveraged the hypothesis-driven approach to build an MVP.
Among the features, we developed are: in-app audio & video calls, chats, and video tutorials.

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Apply our domain expertise to boost your healthcare business

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Take BENEFITS from digital

Overcome digital challenges with our domain experts


What do people expect from banking apps? Security and stability. It’s fundamental in building a long-term relationship, especially when the number of cyberattacks increases.


We develop your app according to all Data Privacy, Data Protection initiatives, and KYC regulations. We build a strong wall to protect your customers and your reputation.


Whether you have a small fintech startup or a big fintech enterprise, you have to follow a long list of regulations: AML, GLBA, and JOBS Act. in the US, and GDPR and PSD2 SCA in Europe.


We only use technologies with the mark 'compliant'. And once there's a new tool, service, etc., we always check whether it follows all the compliance and regulatory processes. We keep a sharp eye on all the compliance regulations and constantly update our list of tools accordingly.

Trust of customers

Though the world is so digital right now, people still trust traditional financial providers more than fintech companies. 55% to 14% to be correct.


Understanding the problem is half of the battle. The rest is on us. We talk with users, find out their pains to build fintech software solutions with transparent services, customer-centric design, and financial tips. We know how to make your app friendly and trustworthy.

Digital Transformation

It was never enough to know how the Blockchain and AI work but what right technology to use for your product. So to stay competitive, you have to move clever with the times.


We help you compete with innovative digital services. By setting up mobile-first systems, seamless transactions, 24/7 support, completely connected digital offerings from banks and financial services, and integrating 3rd party services with cool features, we help you get the maximum of your app.

Build a HIPAA-complaint app

When you develop healthcare software, you have to follow all HIPAA regulations or comply with the GDPR.


We use trusted 3rd party solutions, data encryption, and provide data backup for client information. We ensure privacy on the frontend side, either. We hide personal info, photos, etc., from clinicians and other patients, not abuse anybody. All because data privacy is our top priority.

Increase efficiency of healthcare institutions

Healthcare institutions spend significant time on operations and paperwork.


Digital transformation in healthcare automatizes the workflow and improves operations and treatment processes. We implement top-notch technologies such as virtual tours and HMS to make pharmaceutical institutions more efficient.

Improve patient care and experience

Traditional medicine has many bottlenecks, which leads to poor patient experience and treatment.


Personalized healthcare (PHC) is all about customizing medical treatment for an individual patient's needs. With us, you can develop software that helps users monitor their health and habits.

Provide healthcare services 24/7

Nowadays, patients and clinicians have two options: in-person or digital contact. Healthcare trends show that most people choose the former one.


Telemedicine allows doctors and patients to be in touch anywhere, anytime. We are experienced in developing virtual care, health monitoring, and fitness apps that make healthcare services available 24/7.

Why work with us

How we help you boost your healthcare business

Domain expertise

80% of our projects come from the past client recommendations, which demonstrates a high satisfaction level with all our services.

Smooth communication

We don’t hide behind bureaucratic processes. We build transparent relationships with clients through honest communication, checkins, updates.

Follow compliance and regulations

We choose the 3rd party services carefully. If we integrate a tool, you can be 100% sure that it’s compliant.

Top-notch user experience

We stay dedicated to users. We make them fall in love with your product from the first click.

Dedicated team

The Uptech team is the secret to great results. You'll work with professionals who ask questions, offer solutions, and treat your product as their own.

A new perspective of the product

We don't simply do the tasks. We study your business and share our knowledge to make the product that matters.

Uptech is a top-rated product development company. Over 7 years of work we've helped over 150 companies to build successful mobile and web apps.

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