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UI/UX design services by Uptech company. We offer user interface/experience consulting that helps craft products users enjoy. Leverage our experience to build top-notch interfaces.

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Finding a UI/UX design team that will understand your needs and keep your users engaged – is not an easy task. But with Uptech it becomes possible!

Ux UI design services

We introduce:

The best UX/UI design services
Broad access to design skill sets and practices
Smooth and user-friendly interfaces
Product mindset to your digital product

We are a team of  designers with a huge experience in fintech, proptech, foodtech, social media, marketplaces, and on-demand industries. We design apps that let users achieve their goals, solve their problems, and feel supported all the way through. 

Our goal is to design valuable solutions and make users come and stay.

As a UX and UI design services company, we design user-friendly and consistent mobile and web application interfaces with business needs in mind. We are more than a vendor – we are your dedicated partner. And we help you drive towards success!

Benefit from our UX/UI Designing Services

By taking the burden of product design off the shoulder of many products, we help to move faster and more effectively.


less time on Functional Requirements

Cut by

time on Communication inside the team


faster on


less time on Design delivery

Our Design Team

Ux UI design services

Nick Melnyk

Design Team Leader, certified by NN/g
specializing in fintech, healthcare, social industries
Ux UI design services

Anna Velcheva

Senior UX/UI Designer
specializing in healthcare, cybersecurity, social industries
Ux UI design services

Oleh Kryvytskyi

Senior UX/UI Designer
specializing in HRtech, edutech, fintech industries
Ux UI design services

Ira Shtohryn

UX/UI Designer
specializing in proptech, foodtech, and edutech industries
Ux UI design services

Svitlana Kotkova

UX/UI Designer
specializing in fintech, healthcare, social industries
Ux UI design services

Tetiana Veretennykova

UX/UI Designer
specializing in AI and IoT interfaces
Ux UI design services

Vlada Dzhobolda

Marketing Designer

UX/UI Design Services by Uptech

We design UX/UI solutions that make users come and stay with your app.


If you're not conducting user research to develop the app, you risk missing the product/market fit. The starting point of any product design at Uptech is the users: their needs, pains, and desires. For our team, it is focal to create the design based on the data instead of the assumptions.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Our designers turn your idea into reality with minor investments of time and money. Wireframing and prototyping the solution lets you decide if developing a new product idea is feasible.

Digital Product 

We care about user experience as we know how important it is to design a product that charms users. Our designers execute your idea keeping in mind users' needs and pains foremost. With 7 years of experience behind our backs, we meet design standards and provide a smooth user experience.


Through usability testing, we learn what users like and dislike about the app from their interactions. We made usability testing an essential part of our UX design services to ensure that users will love interacting with your product while the app will meet users’ expectations.

Design Concept

Design concept creation, as a part of UI/UX designing services, provides the first draft of your app design. Based on the analyses and discovery activities, we create an aesthetic design concept that helps users accomplish their goals fast and smoothly.

UI/UX Design Consulting by Uptech

As a UI/UX design service company, we step in your user's shoes, feel the pitfalls they walk through, and create profitable products with remarkable growth.

Design Sprint
Save time and money, reduce risks, align, inspire your team and achieve breakthrough results with Design Sprint. It is the fastest way to validate your idea and get a clear answer about whether it’s worth investing more time and money.
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Product Studio Session
Understanding how your audience thinks, behaves, and communicates makes the difference between a 5-star app and an app that doesn't have downloads. With Product Studio Session, you can define the target audience, its pains, and needs.
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Design Audit
Why do the users leave the app? How to increase the CR to the BUY NOW button? – Design Audit answers all your questions and solves the pains. By conducting the Design Audit, you can change how users behave and increase your product performance.
Design Workshops
We believe that a successful app is inconceivable without knowing users' real needs and problems and communicating with users. This is what a Design Workshop is for. A brainstorming session aimed at getting insights into the user problem and how it can be solved. The result of our common session is to ensure the product will match the real users’ needs.
client review UI/UX design services company
Daniel Piehler
Co-founder & CPO
Uptech is able to take an idea from concept to development. They were always ready to teach me new methods and were willing to try new approaches, workshops, and exercises. I was definitely impressed by the intellectual rigor that goes behind their mindset and organization of the workflow. 
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Take advantage of our
UX/UI design

A quick peek at how you can benefit from our design services.


Leverage hypothesis-driven approach

We are big fans of the design based on consolidated data rather than vague assumptions. We use the hypothesis-driven approach to give you a better idea of which features would lead your product to success. 

Firstly, we develop hypotheses about products, then validate them through user interviews or user tests. Once the hypothesis is confirmed, we move the feature to the UI design stage and development.


Build user-centered design

We can't stress enough the importance of the user-centered approach in our product design process. By seeking validations from users, you'll better understand how, where, or why the product is used. 

Our work with Carbon Club, a UK-based environmental startup, is the best proof of our approach. We saved the client $50,000 in implementation and a few months of work as we focused on user needs, not on initial assumptions.


Increase LTV with a solid design

UI/UX design strongly influences customer retention, hence the LTV. With that in mind, we apply the best design practice to create profitable products that users enjoy and don't want to leave.

Attracting new customers is important when a company starts, but retaining customers is what ultimately leads to profitability. We discover users’ behaviour, test solutions, ask feedback and move in interactions – it all results in increased lifetime value of your users.


Reach your business goals

With 7+ years of experience designing and developing complex products, we know how to create UI/UX design to boost your income. We move by small iterations, validate tiny features and pass them over to the development team.

Undoubtedly, app design strongly influences customer experience and business goals as a result. As your UI/UX design services company, we support you in reaching your business goals.

Our UX/ui Design Process

As a UX/UI design services company, we devised an adaptive design process based on the iterative flow.

Stage one

Defining The Product’s Vision

Every product needs a vision, which establishes the overall tone and direction of the product development. By vision, we mean the solution provided to the user's problem and the emotion the user feels when using the app. We don’t start the UX and UI part of the process without clearly understanding the founder’s vision and deep business knowledge.

stage TWO

Defining The Product’s Vision

We always say, “You can never know your user too much.” 
We start the research by reviewing the existing market, trends, and competitors. And, of course, we conduct user interviews to understand better needs and pain points. As a result, we provide the following deliverables: Persona, Value Proposition Canvas, Customer Journey Map, and Competitors Analysis.

stage THREE


A prototype is not the final product of the design but rather a sketch that will be used to numerous tests. We conduct these tests to make avoid certain mistakes in the future and save your time and money. Typically, we use digital prototypes for upcoming usability testing.

stage four


With Uptech user interface design services, testing samples are created in multiple iterations until they fully meet all requirements and receive enough positive consumer feedback. Depending on the project goals and restrictions, our professional design team uses interviews, card-sorting, surveys, or other methods to develop the best user flow and UI design.

stage five

Starting The Production

This is where we create mockups, write content, and evaluate if the colors of the mockups match the brand identity. The design team collaborates intimately with the development team, synergizing their expertise to bring the users pixel-perfect design.

Clients Success Cases

UI/UX design crafted with love and care
UI/UX design services
REAL Estate


How we made a digital platform for buying and renting homes as smooth as possible.
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UI/UX design services
Social media for real estate


How we made it possible for real estate agents to record and share video home tours.
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UI/UX design services
Fintech concept

Neobank app

How we developed a neobank app concept that builds trust with users.
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