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We provide software product development services from idea validation to designing and developing products that matter to your business and users. We leverage our experience and expertise to help early-stage startups and established companies level up their business capability

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Benefit from product development with Uptech

As a software product development company, we help our clients to reach the most by buildingthe solution with us

Build a stable stylish product with validated features

We develop software solutions that hit right to the users' needs. Our Product team discovers the market trends, analyzes competitors, and finds users' pains to create the product people need. Finally, testing and iterating on the product's design and features ensures that the app is stable, reliable, and meets business and users' needs.

Accelerate time-to-market

We use agile development methodologies, which means we move in rapid iterations and continuously improve the product. We build apps quickly and test new features and capabilities. Our team responds rapidly to feedback and changing market conditions to launch the product that meets users' needs just in time.

Select the best tech solution

As a software product development company, we provide tech discovery to help you choose the tech stack that perfectly matches your business needs. We are committed to developing scalable and reliable products only.

Level up technical capacity & Scale fast

Leverage our tech and product expertise to build a profitable product. We have helped more than 150 companies from all over the world to validate ideas, build and design apps. Explore your ideas with us and reduce the time to market with our team.

Reduce expenses for building the team, and product

Save precious time, cost and gain access to the Uptech domain experts. We have a strong portfolio where we've helped dozens of companies to develop, design, test, and align their apps to market needs. And yes, we pay special attention to keeping track of the budget.

Increase business capability

Our team has demonstrated competency, teamwork, and timeliness throughout the years as we helped various companies increase their business capability. We strengthen your team with new knowledge, domain expertise, and particular experiences.

Software Product Development Services by Uptech

Full-cycle product development services for early stage startups and established companies

Product Ideation
We start with brainstorming, conducting user interviews, researching competitors, and gathering insights. Based on this information, we design users' flow, prioritize feature sets, build a smooth user experience, and craft a lean canvas aligned with users' needs and business goals.
MVP Development
We build an MVP to find the best tech solution that suits your goals perfectly. We conduct a product discovery, mind your business goals, implement only essential features, and communicate closely with your on-site team to develop a scalable and quality MVP.
UX/UI Design
We are here to lend our expertise and create outstanding user experiences. It’s not only about icons and fonts, we create the experience. Our Design team conducts UX research, prepares user flow, tests design, and picks the best solution.
Software Product Development
As a software product development company, we offer full-cycle product development services. We dive into the client's business to understand the industry and internal processes. The solution we develop is 100% based on your business goals and users' needs.
Application Modernization
Our software product development services include reengineering legacy software and upgrading user experience. We believe that the usability of a product is the key to its success. By modifying the product design and reengineering, we ensure retention rate improvement and increasing revenues.
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Clients Say About Us

Clients about our product development services

client review software product development services
Lauren Liscinski
Mobile Product Manager
      Working with Uptech has been extremely helpful to our team as they have provided valuable insight into architecture and direction for our product. They are easy to work with, very collaborative, and successful at finding solutions that fit our needs.     
custom review on product development services
Matt Lee
VP of Product
      Uptech’s sense of ownership, exceptional collaboration, high-quality deliverables, and tight turnarounds make them a trusted partner for
high-stakes projects.     
client review software product development
Chris To
SVP of technology
      Uptech’s ability to deliver work of high quality has exceeded our expectations. The team is technically skilled and collaborative, and their work is consistent. We’re impressed with Uptech’s commitment to the product’s success.     

Technology stack

Android app
We use Clean Architecture approach to build reliable and extendable applications that solve business needs and that users fall in love with. Following Google design and UX guidelines we build the apps that are subsequently featured on Google Play.
Clean Architecture
iOS app
We leverage MVC, MVVM, Redux and Reactive Programming approach to build a unique architecture solution, user-friendly app, and the best UX. Our approach means your app will be featured in the App Store.
Cross-platform app
Cross-platform development points to the process of creating an app that works on several platforms. This is done at Uptech by using a tool like Flutter, where the apps created can be deployed on both Android and iOS.
Layered Architecture
Web Frontend
We create modern, mobile-friendly progressive web apps with React and Redux, applying the best practices of building scalable and performant web applications.
React + Redux / MobX
We focus on highly available, easily maintainable applications following the hexagonal architecture, DDD and SOA. We deliver distributed backend solutions that can handle the load and deliver value to your business.
We choose the best data storage for building your product from a variety of SQL and NoSQL databases.
SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
NoSQL (MongoDB)
Cloud Infrastructure
We follow No-Ops and automation philosophy which saves you money. We build secure cloud-based infrastructure for your application with Terraform and Ansible, using AWS and GCP.
AWS Cloud
Google Cloud
Gitlab CI
Github Actions
DevOps Tools

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Uptech is a top-rated product development company. Over 7 years of work we've helped over 150 companies to build successful mobile and web apps.

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