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uptech resources for product development

Food Delivery App E-book

Here's no better time to build a food delivery app. The online food delivery industry is huge, and it’s about to get bigger

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food delivery e-book

Product Development Guide

Learn the product development process to build a product that meets users' needs and business's goals

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uptech resources for product development

UX Review Checklist

Discover how to conduct heuristic evaluation and you’re able to hone in on UX issues on your app

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checklist for ux review

M-commerce ebook

Discover the overview of m-commerce industry and how to start m-commerce app business

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m-commerce e-book

SRS Document TempLate

Based on our experience we gathered the best practices to create SRS template

srs document template


We’ve prepared for you the step-by-step guide on building product design process for early-stage startups

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product design process

RFP for software development

Discover how to prepare perfect software development RFP to make the first step in building your product

RFP template

Product Roadmap Template

Product roadmap is a great starting point for every startup. Remember to share it with your team and ensure it is always up to date

RFP template

IT Outsourcing EBook

Discover how to find the best development team to make your product real.

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IT outsourcing ebook

IT Outsourcing Cost EBook

Discover how much does it cost to outsource app development.

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IT outsourcing cost ebook


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