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Hire Android APP Developers at Uptech

Text: Whether your company wants to scale the Android team or plans to build a new app from the ground. As an app development company, our goal is to lend you a hand in achieving your goals and benefit from our cooperation. So far, by hiring a dedicated android programmer at Uptech you:

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Matt Lee
VP of Product
"Uptech’s sense of ownership, exceptional collaboration, high-quality deliverables, and tight turnarounds make them a trusted partner for
high-stakes projects."     
Hire android developers

Technology stack

Android app
We use NDK and SDK for developing Android apps. We use the Clean Architecture approach to build reliable and extendable products that solve business needs. Following Google design and UX guidelines, we build the apps that are subsequently featured on Google Play.
Clean Architecture
We focus on highly available, easily maintainable applications following the hexagonal architecture, DDD and SOA. We deliver distributed backend solutions that can handle the load and deliver value to your business.
We choose the best data storage for building your product from a variety of SQL and NoSQL databases.
SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
NoSQL (MongoDB)
Cloud Infrastructure
We follow No-Ops and automation philosophy which saves you money. We build secure cloud-based infrastructure for your application with Terraform and Ansible, using AWS and GCP.
AWS Cloud
Google Cloud
Gitlab CI
Github Actions
DevOps Tools

t models and payment

Dedicated team
We gather a project team that iteratively creates the product with maximum speed and applying an agile methodology. You pay for the week or month of work completed by the team. Suitable for early-stage startups when the product needs to be discovered along the way. Less planning and a faster start.
End-to-end development
We take full responsibility for your product, from user and market research to design, development and maintenance. Suitable for the first version of the project with a fixed budget. Requires more planning and investigation before commencement.

Our Success Cases

Crafted with love and care

ecommerce software development services
# Mobile App development

Overview: The global retail platform for products from the past, present, and future.
Challenge: Make users a part of the app.
Solution: We've helped to develop a user-centered dynamic feature flw, when the content of the screen is changing based on the user's input.

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ecommerce software development services
Dollar Shave Club
# Mobile App development

Overview: Shopping app with everything you need in the bathroom, from razor blades to grooming products.
Challenge: Increase user engagement.
Solution: We developed a mobile app with cool features such as: original content, gift cards, DSC full service with “Handsome Discount”, internationalization and much more.

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ecommerce software development services
# Web app Development

Overview: B2B online shop that offers bulk purchases of 100% awesome medical apparel.
Challenge: Provide solution in time.
Solution: We set a greate communication with the on-site team and provided high-skilled developers who created pixel-perfect Admin Panel.


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80% of our projects come from the past client recommendations, which demonstrates a high satisfaction level with all our services.

We have transparent processes

We don’t hide behind bureaucratic processes. We build transparent relationships with clients through honest communication, checkins, updates.

Share deep tech expertise

We are not only gaining and improving our expertise, and we are keen on sharing it with our clients. Here is our Android cookbook, where we share our experience and describe our mobile development methodology in detail.

We provide smooth communication

Communication is one of the fundamental keys to success. That’s why we are so obsessed with ensuring direct chat with the team members who speak fluent English

We care about your security

We do things fair and clear. We sign the NDA before starting the cooperation. We also follow OWASP Secure Coding Practices, and GDPR. We treat data security very seriously, and we mean it.

We run marathons, not sprints

We are a people-oriented company, select team members by values, have low turnover and motivated and engaged team

We are socially responsible

Through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, we help orphans, plant trees, and sponsor medical treatments. We care about the world and take responsibility for making it a better place.

We are united by culture

We support not only products but people. It means self-management and personal growth support. We invest in people and help them reach their highest potential.


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