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We live and breathe innovations, and we are here to help your business grow. We provide custom food & restaurant app development services from on-demand food delivery apps to ghost kitchen platforms.

We do that by diving deep into your business and market, communicating clearly with your team, and applying our 6+ years of product development expertise. Bring your food business to the next level with us!
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Emanuel Possnert
"It's like hiring a tech department with business-minded people. They don’t just execute their code; they ask questions, provide suggestions, and learn about our business in order to make a proper product."     

Food Delivery & Restaurant Apps by Uptech

Apps you can build with us:

Ghost kitchen app

We help you integrate with delivery aggregators and develop an app for managing the menus on different food delivery platforms in one place. You will be able to run special campaigns and control menu’s availability, pricing on Bolt Food, Deliveroo, and Wolt in a few clicks and with a single set of credentials.

On-demand fooddelivery app

Build the next UberEats with us. We help you develop a custom food delivery application that will optimize delivery time, increase the orders demand, and makes your customers order that midnight sushi burrito via your app. We can build it white label if you are going to resell it.

Online slotreservation app

Help people find and book the best spot in restaurants through a slot reservation app. We design and develop custom software solutions, implement only the necessary features, and mind the users' needs along the development process.

Restaurant mobile app

Automate your restaurant tasks with the custom mobile app. We develop apps that allow you to change the pricing, add new items to the menu, and more flexibility to your work. At the same time, the customers stay happy as they order and pay in the app.

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Services we provide for food & restaurant application development

Here’s how we take your idea from a concept to a product.
Discovery for your idea
Lack of product-market fit for your food & restaurant business idea? We handle it.  We develop software solutions that hit right to the users' needs. Our Product team discovers the market trends, analyzes competitors, and finds users' pains to create the product people need.
We use Clean Architecture approach to build reliable and extendable applications that solve business needs and that users fall in love with. Following Google design and UX guidelines we build the apps that are subsequently featured on Google Play.
Product design
Need extra hands to design your food & restaurant app? Uptech Design team is here. We don't make bells and whistles, we create the experience. Our Design team holds UX research, prepares UI concepts, tests them, and picks the best design solution.
Custom Food Delivery Application Development
Looking for a food & restaurant app development company? We are here for you.Our development team finds the best tech solution that suits your product perfectly. We conduct a tech discovery, mind your business goals, and communicate closely with your on-site team to develop a scalable and quality app.
Team extension
Lack of a QA engineer or an iOS developer? We can cover it.Uptech is the place where you can hire a team of developers or two professionals to join your project. We'll find the best option based on your project size, business goals, and budget.

Success Cases

Crafted with love and care

food delivery app development services
# Web app Development

Overview: Ghost kitchen platform from Sweden.
Challenge: Release and improve fast.
Solution: We used Agile to release a menu management system in the first three months. The iterative approach allowed us to move faster and polish the product step by step.

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food delivery app development services
# Mobile App development

Overview: Online delivery app for buying anything from any store within the city.
Challenge: Design & develop new functionality.
Solution: We refactored the existing app, improved the UX & UI, and implemented new features such as a one-click answering system for push notifications, credit card payments, and order tracking orders.

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