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Software discovery makes sure you’re building the right product. Validating idea, analyzing the market, finding product-market fit - the product discovery covers it all. We’ll back your product with proper knowledge about the users, market, and the problem you’re solving.

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With 7 years of expertise in conducting software product discovery, our team has helped more than one business build the product users need, and we're sure we can help you too. Here's how you benefit from it:

Find Product-Market fit

The success of products depends critically on achieving the ideal product/market fit. How to achieve it? By executing the software product discovery, you validate the project idea with real users instead of going ahead with mere assumptions. Together we test your idea and determine whether there is a chance of building the Next Big Thing.

Set a clear product direction

As a result of the software discovery, we at Uptech provide the software requirements specification. It is a roadmap for your future product. In simple words, it's the development process plan with a team structure involved in the project.With clear milestones and project's direction, you speed up the app development and reduced expenses.

Avoid costly fails

9 out of 10 startups fail — most often due to poor market fit. But those who persist in making preliminary product discovery have higher chances of success. This is where software discovery helps set the direction and shape the results so you have a clear scope and product roadmap with deadlines.

Create a great User Experience

Software discovery is an excellent approach to defining real users' problems. By talking to users, you get to know their pain points and turn them into value-added features on the app. Listening to your consumers' feedback enables you to develop a product with a strong user experience.

Software Discovery Process

Here’s the product discovery process in great detail

1. Framing problems
Before we go deeper into idea validation, we stop and clarify the problem statement and product’s goals. Our team will help you with it. We shape your product vision and set the KPIs.
2. Research
Software Discovery is all about researching: the market, competitors, users, and technology. You’ll be in good hands as our team has helped more than 50 products find users’ problems and research their product idea in great detail.
3. Solution validation
We are here for you to build a prototype for the main app flow, validate it, collect feedback, and iteratively improve the prototype.
4. Scope evaluation & Requirements setting
In short, we create use cases that help the development team to make an accurate estimate, define potential risks, and have a financial projection of the project.
You’ll be fully aware of what it takes to build the app you planned.
5. Roadmap Development
This is where we make accurate estimates, define features for the MVP, specify the timeline, and create a proposal for the product.
Reviewed persona profile;
Customer Journey Map;
Value proposition canvas;
Lean/Business model canvas;
Technical design document;
Product wireframes;
Validated clickable prototype;
Software requirements specification;
Timeline & Cost estimate;
Project roadmap.
3-6 weeks
People Involved:
Product Designer
Product Manager
Software Architect

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We provide cost-effective partnerships

We provide additional value by focusing on business value and users’ needs, not only providing sophisticated code. We suggest improvements and alternatives, make changes, and evolve continuously.

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