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Leverage Uptech domain expertise and tech proficiency in building apps that users love. We design and develop social media app development solutions considering your custom business goals and users' expectations.
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Peter Sisson
CEO & Co-founder
"I really like that Uptech doesn’t just build something that’s unnecessary. They always try to expand what can be built. They think just like Silicon Valley."     

Social Networking App Development by Uptech

What we do:

Social networks

We build social network apps that are both functional and beautiful. Functionality is in user-centric features like chats, audio/video calls, and comment sections. The beauty is in the user-centered and research-based design.

Messaging app

The future of social media lies in real-time communication, and making simple and fast messaging is difficult. We develop instant messaging apps with features like in-app calls, video/audio messages, GIFs sharing, emojis, and more.

Mobile dating apps

Dating can be romantic, but dating app development is about data security. We put users' data security at the forefront and power your dating app with a simple design and robust technologies.

Media based apps

Social media apps are all about expressing yourself. We help you to create one that makes sharing and creating videos, music, artworks, articles, and other content simple and intuitive for your users.

Social network analysis tool

We help you develop analytical tools with intuitive interface and simple navigation, so your end users will enjoy their product experience.

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Services we offer for social media software development

As a social media software development company, we provide the following services:

We start social networking app development with in-depth research, estimates, and project timelines. In the end, you get insights about your TA, a product roadmap with must-have features and the best-suited tech stack for a product.
Product Design
We move further and design UX/UI sketches for a future product. Our design team makes it all based on user research, so the design is 100% user-centered.
Custom social media app development
Our developers don’t simply write code, they dive into your business goals and needs. We implement only the key features and don’t clutter your app.
Team extension
You can hire one social media app developer or the whole product team, including the Designer, QA, and Product Manager. We’re here to share our expertise in the most suitable form of collaboration.
We use Clean Architecture approach to build reliable and extendable applications that solve business needs and that users fall in love with. Following Google design and UX guidelines we build the apps that are subsequently featured on Google Play.

Social Media App Development Successful Cases

Crafted with love and care

social media app development services
# app development
# Design
# Discovery

Overview: Social app for video recording and sharing.
Challenge: Develop a product from scratch.
Solution: We used an iterative development model to build a social app with a fast and easy video recording feature, in-app chat, and user onboarding.

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social media app development case
Networking App
# mobile app development

Overview: Social app for making friends.
Challenge: Make an intuitive product design.
Solution: We discovered what didn’t work with the existing app design, created a new user flow, conducted A/B tests to find the best solutions, and implemented them.

social media app development case
AI Analytics App
# Web app development

Overview: Marketing automation tool.
Build a scalable app.
We created an app architecture that can process a large number of users at the same time, and it won’t influence app performance.

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