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Whether building an app from the ground up or scaling existing app, you can gain scalable, high-performance app with our Node.js development services. Move your business forward with Uptech

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Emanuel Possnert
Mobile Product Manager
"It's like hiring a tech department with business-minded people. They don’t just execute their code; they ask questions, provide suggestions, and learn about our business in order to make a proper product."    
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Daniel Piehler
Co-founder & CPO
"Uptech is able to take an idea from concept to development. They were always ready to teach me new methods and were willing to try new approaches, workshops, and exercises. I was definitely impressed by the intellectual rigor that goes behind their mindset and organization of the workflow."     

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As the top-rated Node.js development company, we help businesses of all sizes and from different industries run applications better by providing customized functionality and building microservices APIs.

Our Node.js app development services enable our clients to build high-performance mobile and web applications that can handle a high traffic volume, process real-time data, and improve overall efficiency. When it comes to building profitable apps, we keep an eye on the ball. As a result, your app shows better performance and wins users' hearts.

Node.js development services by Uptech

We provide a broad range of Node.js services, enabling companies to focus on core business activities.

Custom Node.js Application Development
Looking for a custom app development company? You found it. We provide custom Node.js development services that are tailored to your specific business needs. We figure out your goals and come up with the tech solutions that suit the project better. Our team has expertise in creating a variety of Node. js-based applications, including back-end services,  and real-time web applications.
Node.js Consulting
Are you in two minds about finding the best solution? No prob, Uptech is here to help you. We offer expert guidance and innovative solutions to take your product to the next level. Our talented Node.js developers work closely with our clients to provide the best tech solutions for their specific needs.
Node.js Support and Maintenance
Want to keep your app up-to-date? Or fix bugs immediately? We have something to offer you – Node.js Support and Maintenance services. We undertake the support of your product to ensure that app is up-to-date, secure, and optimized for performance. With us, your app is in good hands, we do it time and time again.
API Development and Maintenance
Make API an instrument to support your strategies and actualize your products and services with our team. We leverage our expertise to create robust and scalable APIs that can handle your business needs, no matter the scale. And, of course, we maintain the APIs to ensure they perform at their best.
Dedicated Node.js team
Bring your app up with our dedicated Node.js team. Our talented and motivated developers are dedicated to providing you with solutions that go above and beyond your expectations and meet your business needs. With the flexibility to scale up the team or down, we are here to support you at every stage. We're more than just a development team – we're your partner in success.

Why choose Uptech Node.js development services?

Leverage our expertise

We've worked on a broad range of Node.js software development projects, from small startups to key corporate solutions. Build high-quality, scalable software with dedicated Node.js developers on your side.

Benefit from transparency

One of our values is transparency. And we live by it. Our clients are always aware of the most recent project status, as we encourage open communication and welcome any questions our clients may have.

Employ the Agile approach

Agile is a part of our DNA, and it helps ensure we craft high-quality apps on time and under budget. We split the project into tiny bits and iterate quickly to see progress and provide feedback.

Reach your business goals

We don’t start the project without knowing business needs and goals. Whether that's developing a new product, improving an existing one, or streamlining your operations, we put business needs on top.

Set up effective app performance

From load testing to code optimization, we'll work relentlessly to guarantee the app is fast, stable, and performs remarkably well. We use industry-leading tools and strategies to ensure your Node.js application operates at its best.

Build scalable app architecture

Our team of Node.js developers has experience building complex, scalable systems that can handle large amounts of traffic and data.

Client Success Cases

Crafted apps across various industries.
web development service company
REAL Estate


How we made a digital platform for buying and renting homes as smooth as possible.
View case
web development service company
Platform for food delivery


How we lend a hand to build a web platform for ghost kitchens helping increase revenue and efficiency for restaurants
View case
nodejs development services
Travel Planning App


How we helped to create a a trip-planning app for friends and family
View case

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Technology stack

Android app
We use Clean Architecture approach to build reliable and extendable applications that solve business needs and that users fall in love with. Following Google design and UX guidelines we build the apps that are subsequently featured on Google Play.
Clean Architecture
iOS app
We leverage MVC, MVVM, Redux and Reactive Programming approach to build a unique architecture solution, user-friendly app, and the best UX. Our approach means your app will be featured in the App Store.
Cross-platform app
Cross-platform development points to the process of creating an app that works on several platforms. This is done at Uptech by using a tool like Flutter, where the apps created can be deployed on both Android and iOS.
Layered Architecture
Web Frontend
We create modern, mobile-friendly progressive web apps with React and Redux, applying the best practices of building scalable and performant web applications.
React + Redux / MobX
We focus on highly available, easily maintainable applications following the hexagonal architecture, DDD and SOA. We deliver distributed backend solutions that can handle the load and deliver value to your business.
We choose the best data storage for building your product from a variety of SQL and NoSQL databases.
SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
NoSQL (MongoDB)
Cloud Infrastructure
We follow No-Ops and automation philosophy which saves you money. We build secure cloud-based infrastructure for your application with Terraform and Ansible, using AWS and GCP.
AWS Cloud
Google Cloud
Gitlab CI
Github Actions
DevOps Tools

t models and payment

Dedicated team
We gather a project team that iteratively creates the product with maximum speed and applying an agile methodology. You pay for the week or month of work completed by the team. Suitable for businesses when the product needs to be discovered along the way. Less planning and a faster start.
Managed fixed price product
We take full responsibility for your product, from user and market research to design, development and maintenance. Suitable for the first version of the project with a fixed budget. Requires more planning and investigation before commencement.
Where we have released the product and there is no need for major changes, we offer a Support contract. During this stage our team is always ready to make small regular changes to your project in response to user feedback, platform updates or force majeure events.


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