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Virtual treatment platform

How we helped to create a healthcare app that helps people treat every form of disorder without leaving their home
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Around 24 million people in the US suffer from an eating disorder. People who suffer from eating disorders require continuous and clinically superior care. A healthcare product we helped develop aims to make it possible and available to everyone.

The client had domain expertise, and they wanted to improve the user experience by developing a revolutionary healthcare app. So the brief was fairly open-ended – to build a modern, convenient, and simple virtual treatment app. The result was a personalized, HIPPA compliant, and scalable web app that provides users with clinically superior care within just one app. Just right to the brief.

Product Management
User Research
Quality Assurance
Mobile Development
Web Development
Web app
6 people
HIPPA compliant app
Scalable app architecture
Determined users’ needs
Smooth user flow

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Tight Timelines

We needed a fast track for web app development. The timeframe was tight to launch the first app version, validate demand, and prepare the product to the next investment round.


Using the Agile approach, we moved in small product development cycles and rapidly designed, developed, and tested the features to check their viability for users.


Define the right technical solutions

The client wanted to use cutting-edge technology to meet user needs. We needed to discover what technologies suit both business and users' needs.


In addition to the product discovery, where we figured out users' needs, our Solution Architect conducted a tech discovery. It helped us to find technical risks and best practices for healthcare.

One way for Dollar Shave Club to achieve this goal was through a mobile app, which would provide them with account management tools to encourage engagement. We implemented such features to keep users engaged: Original Content, Gift Cards, New Business Model with “Handsome discount”, Internationalization — shops in
non-US countries, and much more. We also needed to make sure the implemented design was
pixel-perfect, so that the app provided a smooth experience across all supported Android devices and as few bugs as possible (seriously).


Define correct user roles and permissions

There are many types of doctors engaged in the treatment process, so the hard thing was to find out what user roles we needed. After that, we had to define who sees what data.


We started by asking the questions and studying the healthcare business to its very deep. It helped us see the full picture. Then we moved to the users and talked with every end-user to understand their pains and needs.
What we prepared:
✅ iOS mobile app – a communication channel that links clinicians and patients (iPhone, iPad)
✅ Admin Panel – a responsive user management system

The key features
of the Healthcare app


Calendar & appointment booking

Now users can make an appointment with one click and ensure they won't miss it.

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1-1 & Group Video Chats

Communication with doctors has never been that easy and fast.

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User profiles with treatment history

No more endless paperwork with patients' treatment information.

treatment app development casetreatment app development case

Group chats with limited permissions based on user roles

Privacy is a priority when it comes to health information.

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Admin panel to manage clinicians & patients

Managing the platform users now is simple and hassle-free.

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Developing a product is always about balancing time & money resources. In this case, the client was fully satisfied as the product was delivered on time and budget.

✅ We put quality on top. We did our best to develop the product with a high level of quality.
✅ When we say that we build products that matter, we mean it. The healthcare app we developed met users' needs and solved the problems.
✅ We listened to the client, asked questions, and dive deep into the healthcare business. It wasn't a surprise that the product matched the client's expectations.

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