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How we combined a mental health product and a learning platform
 in one app
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mental health app case


The client came to us with a strong message "I want to empower peoples' happiness, health, and success." Behind the message, there was an idea – to build a mobile app with 5 min in-app calls to help users get mental and psychological support in an affordable, faster, and more effective way than the traditional therapy allows.

To that end, a healthcare app features two technologies:
✅ Brief daily calls aimed at emotional support;
✅ An education platform based on Advanced Social-Emotional Learning (ASEL).

Product Management
User Research
Business Analysis
Quality Assurance
Mobile Development
Web Development
Mental Health
4 people
Scalable architecture
Strong value proposition

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Compete in the Healthcare market

The healthcare market is a real battlefield. Our client's business goal was to gain the market share and make competing on value central to their strategy.


We know that the main way to build a product that brings value is satisfying the essential users' needs. That's why we started with Discovery. Our Product Manager did comprehensive user research through the customer interviews and found out the pain points. We wanted to have a full picture, so we also conducted market research. As a result, we had a strong value proposition that differentiated us from the competitors.


Provide intuitive virtual care

The key app feature was virtual mental support through phone calls. As it was the key, it had to be perfect in all senses.


We put all our development and design efforts into making the in-app audio calls smooth and hassle-free. We included onboarding for new users with an explanation guide on the calls. It was easy to lose track of time during calls, so we added a 3 and 5 min timer and showed the questions list on the screen, so users won't be distracted. On top, we developed an in-app user chat using Sendbird messenger. All in all, the app looked pixel and code perfectly. Just as we wanted.

One way for Dollar Shave Club to achieve this goal was through a mobile app, which would provide them with account management tools to encourage engagement. We implemented such features to keep users engaged: Original Content, Gift Cards, New Business Model with “Handsome discount”, Internationalization — shops in
non-US countries, and much more. We also needed to make sure the implemented design was
pixel-perfect, so that the app provided a smooth experience across all supported Android devices and as few bugs as possible (seriously).


Build a scalable app

The MVP was just the beginning. The client planned to increase the audience and offer the app to other companies as a mental health tool.


User experience and app performance are the first to suffer when the number of app users increases. We needed to avoid it from the very start. That's why our developers built a scalable backend architecture for the MVP for further development.

The key features
of the Healthcare app


In-app user calls

Calls between users with the tutorials on the screen.

Mental health app development casemental health app development case

In-app user chat

The community members can communicate within the app fast and easy.

mental health app development casemental helath app development case

In-app calendar

A daily calendar for scheduling user calls, organizing calls, declining and rescheduling meetings.

mental health app development casemental health app development case

Learning platform

Video tutorials and quizzes for community members to study before making calls with other users.

mental health app development caseinvestment app development case

Admin panel

Admins can manage users, video libraries, and other app settings.

mental health development case


To the end of our partnership, we built mental health MVP with in-app calls aimed at emotional support and an education platform to upskill people. But how about  strong value proposition? We covered it with intuitive UX/UI design. To ensure that we provided a faultlessly and smooth user experience,  we also set up QA processes.

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