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RSVP is a trip-planning app for friends and family. The app lets groups of travelers organize the early stage of their next trip: Arrange the dates; Determine the destination; Set the routes of every participant; Make other arrangements that usually take a long time to discuss and agree on within a group. The main value of the RSVP is providing an all-in-one place for travelers to make trip arrangements, discuss and comment on them.

Working together

The story of Uptech and RSVP cooperation is a definition of a true partnership! The client gave us a rough idea, specific developments, and documentation. The CEO expected us to perform some coding and call it a day.

How surprised was the client when he saw a team of avid and initiative product developers. We leveraged our product development expertise and provided significant input into the final product.

We audited the existing design, performed the app’s redesign, gave a product development consultation, and managed to do extra work within the given budget and deadlines. Uptech always takes it up a notch. And the RSVP case was another example of our initiative approach.

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Our fruitful partnership with RSVP brought 6 months of tireless development, redesign and product flow. But the hard work was worth it, as eventually, we got the following outcomes:
✅ Developed an MVP of the RSVP iOS app from scratch, including the infrastructure and architecture;
✅ Initiated the app’s redesign, which made the app look more cohesive and up-to-date;
✅ Outperformed the initial goal – building an app with 15 features (8 more than was planned);  
✅ Managed to stay within the client’s budget while providing additional service;
✅ Delivered an app’s MVP with the redesign and other features within the requested deadline.





— Oct 2022
— ongoing





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Make an app useful for users within the budget

The client came to us with an initial request for software development. Once we started our cooperation, we identified flaws in the UI design and took the initiative to solve them.


As the project started, our first step was to make an audit of the existing app. Once done with the audit, we came up with an entirely updated redesign, which matched the audience’s tone of voice and visual preferences. Thus, we went the extra mile while staying within the budget and time constraints.

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Build trustworthy relationships with the client

Every client treats their own project as something special. And at first, it can be challenging to entrust your brainchild with a developers’ team. And we totally get it!

So we took it step by step, and soon enough showed the client that we were the partner to rely on.


From the first call we showed our product expertise and took the initiative to make the RSVP app even better. Moreover, the Uptech team maintained professional, transparent communication throughout the project and adapted the process to suit the client’s schedule. The combination of our initiativeness and commitment made the client feel safe to trust us with the development while he could focus on business matters.

One way for Dollar Shave Club to achieve this goal was through a mobile app, which would provide them with account management tools to encourage engagement. We implemented such features to keep users engaged: Original Content, Gift Cards, New Business Model with “Handsome discount”, Internationalization — shops in
non-US countries, and much more. We also needed to make sure the implemented design was
pixel-perfect, so that the app provided a smooth experience across all supported Android devices and as few bugs as possible (seriously).

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Build an iOS app from scratch within tight deadlines

The client clarified that he needed the MVP done by the deadline. Completing a fully functional MVP with all the must-have features in 6 months is challenging. But on top of that, we also planned to redesign the app!


From the very beginning of the project, we had a structured Roadmap – a detailed plan of the project implementation, which included the requirements, features, and steps to be taken. This detailed Roadmap helped us to optimize the development process, reduce the number of meetings and focus on the development. So eventually, the project was done on time!

The key features of the RSVP app


Trip Creation

2 flows for each user role: Host and Guest:
✅ Create and manage trip as a host.
✅ Participate in discussion as a guest

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Push notifications that allow users to be aware of all updates.

travel app developmenttravel app development

In-app Chat

The ser can create group chats for each new trip and send direct messages.

travel app developmenttravel app development

Trip Feed

It’s easy to check all the latest news and updates from the group members.

travel app development travel app development

Trip Itinerary

The user can simply suggest some things to do during the trip with dates and time option, budget, activity type, etc.

travel app developmenttravel app development


In the RSVP case, we played a threefold role as:
✅ A software development team providing excellent iOS app development service;
✅ A quality redesign provider: we built an updated version of the UI/UX design, which made the app more appealing to the user;
✅ A product consultant: we took the initiative. We provided our product advice for the client on building a better user experience and finding the proper business model for the final product.

RSVP case is a vivid example of how we follow our core values: transparency in communication, a product mindset, and a proactive approach. Another case in Uptech’s portfolio to be proud of!

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