The all-in-one appointment booking app that strives to become your new Google Calendar
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The all-in-one appointment booking app for on-the-go professionals. It’s a mobile app that helps easily set up appointments and reminders, synchronize Calendars, and manage your time.

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Bring prototype to
the new heights

The client came to us with the working prototype he wasn't satisfied with.
Our main goal was to adjust the user flow without rewriting the entire solution.
To deliver the right product to the customers, the Uptech team used a heuristic evaluation method. We started by reviewing the Anytime app to reveal the problems, improve the app’s user flow and streamline the user experience. Uptech team created user story maps to study behavior flows on the app and shaped user personas.
Having all this information on our hands, we delivered a seamless UX with new features added to the app.


Reveal the weak points of the product


Heuristic evaluation is a great method to understand what's working or lacking in an app. UptechProduct Design team used heuristic evaluation to identify incomplete iOS and macOS solutions for the app and problems with UI/UX design. 


Design new UX to meet the users' needs


Uptech team used a few methods to study users' needs: interviews with non-users per specific features and general user interviews. Based on this information, we created user story maps to visualize the most delightful user experience. User behavior revealed a great deal about what’s lacking in the app, so we came up with new working solutions.


Improve user flow


To understand the users better and improve their app flow, Uptech team created proto personas. We studied users’ movements through the application and mapped out every step they take — from entry point to final interaction. We added new features and improved the existing ones based on this information.


Create new
feature roadmap


To keep track of implementing a product’s new features, the Uptech team created a feature roadmap. It keeps the focus on initiatives that add value for users.


Rebuild analytics database


Uptech team reviewed the existing product analytics of the app. We revamped Google Analytics events map to ensure that we collect the right data and make product decisions based on it.


Decrease resources for the development of
apps with similar functionality for different businesses


Uptech team contributed to the development of a container app with modular architecture as the Calendar team. We led the development of the Calendar plugin comprised of different reusable modules.


Main features of the Anytime app

User App Flow

Easy to manage and go through scheduling appointment flow. 

Anytime app development case study

Synchronized Calendar

Want to keep track of all the events? Sync your schedule with the external calendars (Google, Outlook).

Anytime app development case study

Easy to Manage Events

Easy to Manage Events – Inviting others to an event and recurring one-on-ones or conference calls have never been so easy. 

Anytime app development case study

Automate Reminders

Your time is valuable when you're running a growing business. With auto-reminders, no-shows are a thing of the past.

Anytime app development case study


Uptech team prepared a complete project roadmap for the release of the mobile application. We revamped the UX of the Anytime app, added new, relevant features, and took care of the existing technical debt. 

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