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How we helped to create an app that manages your investments and makes a positive climate impact
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The green investment market is so confusing. You should follow the finance compliance requirements, help users manage their finance wisely, and take care of the planet — all at the same time. The investment platform we helped design and develop aimed to clear things up. The client came to us with a PoC and asked us to help with the prototype to raise funding first and then develop a full-fledged product.
Together with a client, we did our magic and made it possible for green investors to make subscription-based contributions to the project, manage their investments, and measure their impact on the ecosystem – all in one simple and intuitive app.

Product Management
User Research
Business Analysis
Quality Assurance
Mobile Development
6 people
Shaped Product Market Fit
Fully compliant app
Intuitive user flow
Simple app design

and &solutions


Shape the target audience

In the first weeks of collaboration, we noticed that the target audience profile was very general. No specific details, habits, insights. Our experience shows that the lack of knowledge about the potential users will lead to a poor product. That's the rule of product development. So, we dove into user research.


We conducted a discovery stage to find out real users’ needs and pains. Our Product Manager together with a Designer conducted a series of user interviews and user tests to find insights and shape the target audience. It was an essential stage that helped us create the app that brings value.


Gather analytics and follow GDPR

Analytics is another challenge to be GDPR compliant. On the one hand, the app should follow all the GDPR requirements, and on the other – gather the information on users’ behavior for further improvements. So we had to come up with a solution that allowed us to gather the analytics and keep the users’ data secure at the same time.


Making a GDPR compliant app isn’t a big deal itself, but we wanted to make a GDPR compliant app that doesn’t confuse and attracts people. Our Solution Architect prepared the list of GDPR compliance features, and a Designer integrated them into the UI to keep the app user-friendly.
Here are some of the features we added:
✅ Restriction processing;
✅ Notifications opt-in;
✅ Forgot me;
✅ Collected data exporting.

One way for Dollar Shave Club to achieve this goal was through a mobile app, which would provide them with account management tools to encourage engagement. We implemented such features to keep users engaged: Original Content, Gift Cards, New Business Model with “Handsome discount”, Internationalization — shops in
non-US countries, and much more. We also needed to make sure the implemented design was
pixel-perfect, so that the app provided a smooth experience across all supported Android devices and as few bugs as possible (seriously).


Level up the existing app design

The client came to us with some ideas of how they would like the app to look based on the PoC. But the big goal was to build a prototype that would attract investors and help raise funding.


Our design team, focused on the product’s functionality and business needs, started exploring the existing design. We found the good parts and the ones that needed improvements. With that in mind, we made the user flow for connecting portfolios more convenient, we used subtle animations and clear in-app activities to polish the whole experience.

The key features


Impact level dashboard

Now users can see a holistic picture of the environmental performance of their investments.

investment app developmentinvestment app development

Impact feed

It’s like a news feed but based on users’ investment interests and current bonds.

investment app developmentinvestment app development

Connect investment portfolio

It’s easy to track all your brokerage accounts and see the big picture of your investments.

investment app developmentinvestment app development

Bond offering

Top picks of brands that are wholly focused on ethical investment.

mcommerce app developmentinvestment app development


£400.9 K

Total Funding Amount


in App Store
User reviews:

We delivered the product
 on time and on budget

The app has an astonishing design, follows all the compliant regulations, and performs without bugs. The product is successfully launched, so the client focuses all the efforts on raising investments and building a community around the app.

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