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LLM-based Chatbots

Our team develops advanced LLM-based chatbots that leverage natural language understanding and generation to enhance customer engagement, automate processes, and support various departments within your organization.

Customer Service Chatbot

We develop customer service support chatbots for websites. We collect the knowledge base and develop a retrieval database that’s trained on your content and previous cases. We develop and deploy the model, integrate it with UI, and let your users enjoy your product.

AI Voice Assistant Chatbots

We create AI voice assistants that accurately understand and respond to user queries, transforming business interactions by providing instant, reliable assistance to customers and employees.

Retrieval-based Chatbot

We develop efficient retrieval-based chatbots that select from predefined responses, ensuring accuracy and quick response times, making them suitable for customer support and frequently asked questions.

Roles-based Chatbot

This is a prompted LLM-based chatbot with a specific role and behavior. It can be an HR consultant that provides consultation on OKR or a financial advisor that creates financial goals and plans.

eCommerce Chatbot Consultant

Similar to customer support chatbot, but for eCommerce sites. We help you develop a chatbot that understands users’ requests from a few words and provides relevant options based on the request.

Social Media Chatbots

We build customized conversational and messaging bots designed to integrate across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, enhancing customer engagement and support.

Sequential Action Chatbots

Our sequential action chatbots orchestrate predefined actions to streamline interactions, providing consistent, reliable guidance that enhances operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

Natural Language Understanding and Content Generation Solutions

With Uptech’s NLU and content generations solutions, you can automate the rapid production of text, images, and video content tailored specifically to your audience's interests across multiple distribution channels. Such systems, powered by large language models, can generate and summarize content, correct grammar, and adjust content to fit predefined rules and contexts.

AI Computer Vision Solutions

Uptech delivers AI computer vision solutions with advanced image processing and video analysis features. Our technology enables detailed analysis of visual data, crucial for applications such as security surveillance, manufacturing quality control, and interpreting MRI scans in healthcare, among other things.

Conversational AI Chatbots

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Text to Image/Video Generation and Processing Solutions

Uptech offers generative AI solutions that automatically convert text into images or videos to facilitate visual content creation. Such systems can also process visual media with improvement capabilities, such as retouching, background removal, object deletion, and image upscaling.

AI Process/Workflow Automation Systems

AI automation can reduce manual work, speed up business processes, and cut costs. Uptech develops AI process/workflow automation systems that can handle tasks such as information search, categorization, decision making information summarization, email dispatches, API calls, and database updates, thus improving operational efficiency and eliminating manual work.

Autonomous AI Agents,

Uptech develops autonomous AI agents and co-pilots, such as financial AI agents, AI flight assistants, AI HR consultants, and eCommerce agents. These systems, built on prompted large language models with specific roles and behavioral guidance, provide expert feedback, suggestions, and consultation on specialized topics across various domains. We design our AI agents to perform tasks independently or help users make more informed decisions independently.

Personalized Market Offers and Customer Experience

Generative AI developers from Uptech create AI tools that can target individual customers with tailored messages, offers, and recommendations based on their interests and behavior. If a campaign underperforms, our GenAI can suggest hypotheses for improvements. Additionally, we can build marketing agents capable of analyzing site content, SEO ratings, and keywords and generating detailed reports.

Speech Recognition and Synthesis Solutions

We develop speech recognition software and other voice-based solutions that can understand spoken words and respond with natural-sounding speech back, imitating the human communication process. With these tools, you can replace customer service agents with autonomous software, control software and hardware using simple voice commands, transform spoken words into written text, and much more.

Predictive/Advanced Analytics Software Systems

Uptech utilizes AI to deepen data analysis and predict future trends with our predictive/advanced analytics solutions. Trained on historical data and current trends, our AI systems enable autonomous predictive analytics. This technology can anticipate product demand, forecast potential business outcomes, understand customer purchasing patterns, and predict equipment maintenance needs.

Search and Recommendation Systems

Uptech's GenAI-powered systems improve how users find and discover content with personalized recommendations and effective search functionalities. With this technology, you can match the right services, products, or content with the right users. Whether you need to add a recommendation feature to your eCommerce app or upgrade search capabilities, our solutions provide precise and relevant results.

Andrii Bas

Andrii Bas

Generative AI Expert at Uptech

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Generative AI Projects by Uptech

Angler AI

Angler AI

AI-Based Platform for Customer Growth

Angler AI is an AI-powered platform that helps brands significantly improve customer acquisition and lifetime value with AI-powered ad campaigns.

View Case Study

View Case Study

Aboard AI

Tired Banker

Earnings report summarizer & generator

Tired Banker is a web platform designed to simplify investment decisions. We developed the platform on Webflow, integrating AI technology to ensure smooth performance.

View Case Study

View Case Study

Presidio Investors


Medical Record Chatbot

We developed a PoC for a medical records chatbot using AI and NLP. It automates the extraction of relevant information from medical records. This tool boosts efficiency, supports medical decisions, and improves patient care.

Indy Sheorey

“Uptech is a great partner for software and web development projects. I was impressed with the talent level for each of the roles, including design, front-end, back-end.”


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contact us

AI Chatbot Development Services We Provide

AI Chatbot Consulting and Discovery

  • Assessment of business needs and suitable chatbot types

  • Feasibility study to pick fitting AI tech stack

  • Strategy development for AI chatbot implementation

  • Definition of chatbot functionality

  • Regulatory compliance analysis

AI Chatbot Conversational

  • Identification of user persona

  • User journey mapping

  • Bot persona development

  • Design and development of conversational flows and scripts

  • UI/UX design of a chatbot

Custom AI Chatbot 

  • Custom AI chatbot development from scratch

  • Full control over training and configuration

  • Full cycle development: discovering use cases, processing data, designing conversations, testing, training, and deployment.

  • Messaging app integrations (Slack, WhatsApp)

AI Agent

  • Natural language processing

  • LLM (GPT or Gemini) integration

  • Vector database integration

  • AI agents synchronization with your current system

AI Chatbot

  • Chatbot integration strategy development

  • Smooth integrations with existing systems (ECM, ERP, CRM, etc.)

  • Messaging app integrations (Slack, WhatsApp)

  • Payment app integrations (PayPal, Stripe, Square)

AI Chatbot Maintenance and Support

  • Professional ongoing assistance

  • Customized maintenance strategy

  • Security audits and threat fixes

  • Algorithm and integration updates

  • Post-deployment maintenance and support

Generative AI Development Services We Provide

Discover the potential of AI chatbots across various industries. Whether in fintech, healthcare, or any other domain, we provide customized AI chatbot solutions tailored to your specific needs.


  • Customer support

  • Fraud detection

  • Personal finance management

  • Investment advice

Real Estete

  • Property listings

  • Scheduling viewings

  • Mortgage assistance

  • Tenant management


  • Appointment scheduling

  • Symptom checking

  • Medication reminders

  • Telehealth support

Retail & eCommerce

  • Personalized shopping suggestions

  • Order status tracking

  • Customer support

  • Personalized marketing


  • Real-time shipment updates

  • Delivery route planning

  • Automated delivery alerts

  • Customer support




At Uptech, we start with defining business needs and challenges. We allocate a team of artificial intelligence, engineering, and product experts early on to identify the business needs, industry specifics, and existing data. As a result, we create an AI concept that uncovers unique value opportunities in your business.



During the next stage, we validate the feasibility of the proposed AI solution through a proof-of-concept stage. This allows us to demonstrate the impact and iterate the approach based on initial feedback and performance metrics.



Our team sources and prepares the necessary data for model training. When collecting data, we ensure it is relevant and robust enough to train effective generative AI models. Quality data is the foundation for successful AI development.



We design the AI model by selecting the most suitable architecture, training methods, and optimization algorithms. Our approach includes careful consideration of models and approaches so that the architecture fits the project's specific goals, regulations, and user expectations.



Uptech trains and fine-tunes the AI model with the previously prepared data. We adjust and optimize parameters through iterative processes to achieve the best possible performance and ensure the model meets the desired accuracy and efficiency standards.



Uptech trains and fine-tunes the AI model with the previously prepared data. We adjust and optimize parameters through iterative processes to achieve the best possible performance and ensure the model meets the desired accuracy and efficiency standards.



Last but not least, Uptech deploys the AI model into your existing systems. We always prioritize compatibility and minimal disruption in the AI model rollout. Post-deployment, we provide continuous support and maintenance to adapt the model to new data, feedback, and evolving business needs.


As a Chatbot development company, we use all the most powerful technologies to develop apps with enhanced functionality and user experience.


GPT 3.5-4

Uptech develops generative AI solutions with GPT-3.5 to GPT-4 models, including Davinci, Curie, Babbage, and Ada. These Large Language Models power sophisticated conversational agents and content-creation tools and stand out for their coherence and contextual understanding.



At Uptech, we harness the power of the Gemini AI model to develop our chatbot solutions. Gemini is known for its natural and engaging conversational abilities, and lets us develop chatbots that deliver human-like interactions. Our applications built with Gemini ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience.



Our team builds chatbots that excel in advanced text understanding and generation using LLaMA model. It’s ideal for automating customer support, generating dynamic content, or performing complex data analysis. LLaMA provides a robust foundation for creating responsive and intelligent chatbot solutions.



We utilize the Mistral model to create advanced chatbots that require sophisticated language comprehension and generation. Built on cutting-edge neural architecture, Mistral produces contextually accurate responses, enhancing customer service automation. Chatbot solutions built on Mistral are responsive, precise, and meet the needs of various industries.

Hugging Chat


Our team leverages the HuggingChat model to develop advanced chatbots with sophisticated text comprehension and generation capabilities. Ideal for automating customer service interactions, generating high-quality content, and performing intricate data analysis.



At Uptech, our Whisper-based solutions enhance chatbot capabilities by accurately converting audio into text, supporting translations across multiple languages, and providing powerful speech recognition. These GenAI applications improve accessibility and facilitate communication across language barriers, making our chatbots more versatile and effective.



Our team utilizes the Claude model to develop advanced chatbots with superior text understanding and generation capabilities. Whether automating customer support, creating engaging content, or executing complex data analysis, Claude provides a reliable platform for building responsive and intelligent chatbot solutions.


Answers to questions you may have about Generative AI services.

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What does an AI chatbot development company do?

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