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"Uptech’s ability to deliver work of high quality has exceeded our expectations. The team is technically skilled and collaborative, and their work is consistent. We’re impressed with Uptech’s commitment to the product’s success."     

AI Development Services by Uptech

As an AI software development company, we help you utilize Generative AI technology to enrich your product.

AI Technology

We offer AI technology consulting services, helping navigate the ever-changing AI landscape. We analyze your product's needs, consult on what is possible with new AI technology, and choose the right approach.

Generative AI Model Fine-Tuning and Replication

We use algorithms like Dreambooth and LORA to fine-tune Generative AI models to particular styles and user needs. For example, we implemented them to create highly personalized and engaging AI avatars for DYVO.

AI proof-of-concept development

Validate your AI feature hypothesis with quick discovery that takes 4-6 weeks. During this time, we will analyze your needs, available data, establish performance baseline, prepare and test several approaches that solve your problem.

Post-Release Improvements and Maintenance

We are committed to providing comprehensive after-release support for your AI app. AI technology is evolving rapidly, so we provide monitoring, improvements, updates, and performance enhancements to our solutions.

Integrating AI models to build AI-enhanced features

We leverage existing Large Language Models (LLMs), GPT 3.5, GPT 4, Alpaca, Stable Diffusion, it’s variations and customizations, to build AI enhanced features for your product.

Generative AI Model Integration & Deployment

We connect pre-trained generative models to your product. Our end-to-end service includes model selection, integration, testing, and deployment.

Other Stunning Generative AI Solutions & Services

Image editing

Customer service Chatbot

AI automation

AI monitoring 

Text generation & summarization

Automated AI HR consultant 

Financial advisor

Marketing agent

eCommerce consultant

Customized agent GPT

Customized role-playing bot

Adopt input/output to your vector field

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Generative AI Tech stack

AI Models:

GPT 3 - 4 (Davinci, Curie, Babbage, Ada), DALL.E, Whisper, Embeddings, Moderation, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Bard, LLaMA

Neural Networks:

CNN, RNN, Representation Learning, Manifold Learning, Variational, Autoencoders, Bayesian Network, Autoregressive Networks


Supervised/Unsupervised Learning, Clustering, Metric Learning, Fewshot Learning

Image Classification Models:

VGG-16, ResNet50, Inceptionv3, EfficientNet

Clients’ Success Cases

We let our work speak for itself. Learn what our clients say about their AI experience with Uptech.
ai development services

AI-powered photo generator allows people to generate fancy AI avatars from selfies in no time. 
To build it, we first tested and selected appropriate parameters. Then we created cloud infrastructure of GPUs on demand (on RunPod), trained and fine-tuned them with Dreambooth to generate images that resemble users on the photo.
#Mobile Development
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ai development services for Business

AI-powered photo editor for Business is a sequel of, and it aims to help e-commerce businesses create professional product photos effortlessly with fast background removal & amazing background. 
During the development, we combined several algorithms (ControlNET, Canny, etc.) to generate AI backgrounds for product images. To process these requests, we created cloud infrastructure of GPUs on demand.
#Web Development
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AI-powered file summarizing tool
The purpose of this project was to create a robust tool for summarizing the text both after copying it or uploading the pdf. 
We used the Open AI Da Vinci Summarizer and implemented the tech-davinci-003 model so that it generates the text summaries according to the requirements. Then, we scaled the infrastructure to create as many summaries as needed.
#Web Development
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Plai OKR & HR consultant

AI-powered assistant
Plai OKR consultant is a time-saving HR tool for strategy executives. We powered it up with Generative AI model, so it now gives recommendations on the next OKRs, suggests feedback on the existing OKRs, and helps to summarize the Performance Review for the user/ HR admin.
#Web Development
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nodejs development services


AI-powered customer growth platform
Angler AI is a SaaS web application that allows marketers to create AI audiences from various types of seeds. It connects these audiences with social networks and measure the efficacy of AI-based campaigns. Our zone of responsibility was to implement the AI algorithm logic and develop the app from end-to-end, including frontend and backend infrastructure.
#Web Development
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Andrii Bas

Generative AI Expert at Uptech
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Why choose Uptech AI services?

Here’s what sets us apart from other AI development companies.

End-to-End Development

Our expert team covers the entire AI app development journey, from model selection and configuration to integration, testing, and deployment. We ensure a seamless data pipeline, guaranteeing cleanliness and reliability.

Data Safety

Your safety, privacy, and peace of mind matter to us. We carefully select models and algorithms that uphold user rights. We integrate with open-source models hosted on-premise, which is a secure and reliable way of hosting.

Product Mindset

We are an AI software development company ​​with a product mindset. By that, we mean understanding your business needs and goals from the get-go. Together, we identify those sweet spots where AI can make a big impact, ensuring long-term benefits for your business.

PoC in 1 Month

When it comes to speed-to-market, we've got your back! We pride ourselves on delivering the first version of your AI product in just 1 month. That's right, we don't waste any time. With us by your side, you'll leave your competitors in the dust. Stay ahead of the game with our swift and custom AI solutions.

Transparency & Communication

We get it. AI development can be complex and overwhelming. That's why we're all about clear communication and collaboration every step of the way. Our clients are never left in the dark – we keep them up to date on the latest project status and encourage open dialogue. We're here to make AI development smooth and successful for you.


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