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IT Outstaffing In Ukraine: Why and How To Start?

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December 14, 2023
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IT outstaffing is one of the critical ways of cost optimization, which is becoming increasingly popular now.  

Regarding outstaffing destinations, Ukraine is among the top regions where companies provide high-quality programming services. And rightfully so! Many factors make it the perfect place to outstaff IT services: from the dynamic business environment to a high number of IT talents.  

And if you have certain doubts keeping you from turning to Ukraine as the outstaffing partner – I am here to address your concerns. In this article, I will point out why you should choose Ukraine to outstaff IT services and why, despite anything, Ukraine is still a competitive vendor in the global outstaffing market.

Let’s start!

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What is IT Outstaffing?

IT outstaffing is a form of remote team collaboration where the business hires a dedicated team (software developers, project managers, and a QA engineer) as a third-party service provider to the main team.

The collaboration is usually provided within a contract with specified terms, conditions, deadlines, and budget. As the name “dedicated” implies, the team will only be involved in your project within the project’s period.

Unlike the outsourcing model, the out staffed team becomes a part of your main team. So you will onboard, manage and hold discussions, calls, and other interactions with the dedicated team.

Want to know more about the difference between outsourcing and outstaffing models? Check this block, How To Choose Between Outstaffing & Outsourcing: 4 Tips, in our blog article.

6 Reasons to Outstaff to Ukraine

So what makes Ukraine a distinctively suitable outstaffing destination? Well, a lot of factors. But to save you some time, I boiled it down to 6 key ones.

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So the first reason is simple – it costs less to outstaff Ukraine than in other destinations. And it has nothing to do with low quality of code or delayed deadlines. Such ratings have recognized Ukrainian IT developers such as TopCoder and Pentalog.

But we'll get to that later.

Outstaffing in Ukraine is more affordable than in the US or Western Europe because the cost of living there is lower. So while the hourly rates in US and Europe range between $80-$120, in Ukraine, the price tag will flow between $40 - $60 per hour. Here are more geographically compared hourly rates, useful to know.

outstaffing Ukraine price

Ultimately, by outstaffing to Ukraine, you save a pretty penny without compromising the quality of service. Looks like quite an offer to me!

On our blog we have an article that pretty much summarizes information about the best countries to outsource (besides Ukraine). So if you want to take a broader look at the global outsourcing market – check it: Best Countries To Outsource Software Development To In 2023.

Skilled Tech Talents

Ukraine is the epicenter of the dynamic tech community, with thousands of educated and talented professionals working there. The IT sector is one of the most attractive fields among young Ukrainian graduates. As of 2021, there are over 5k specialized software and engineering companies in Ukraine, providing high-quality software development services.

Ukrainian IT specialists are proficient in the most widely required programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. The most popular programming languages among Ukrainian IT professionals are:

  • Java
  • Python
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • TypeScript
  • Ruby

Also, Ukrainians are skillful at high-edge technologies like cloud computing, AngularJS, React, Vue.js, Node.js, etc.

If you want to learn more about how to select candidates for your dedicated team, we have a great read for you on our blog: Hire Software Developers In Ukraine - A Definitive Guide.

Fluency in English

Communication is one of the essentials when it comes to outstaffing IT development. And even when you’ve found the perfectly skilled team, low language fluency can become the stumbling block hindering the development.

Luckily, by outstaffing to Ukraine, you will not have this problem. Ukrainian IT professionals are fluent in both speaking and written English, with 45% of the population having moderate proficiency. So have no doubt to be heard and understood.

Dynamic Business Environment

When starting a new business, you must surround yourself with business-driven people. And Ukraine is an appropriate place to find these surroundings. The IT sector is one of the leading industries in the country, bringing currency to the Ukrainian economy. Because of that, the government provides favorable conditions for IT companies, which also affects the cost of IT services.

Being a tech mecca of Eastern Europe, Ukraine is home to multiple R&D centers, product companies, and startups. I bet you’ve heard of such startups as Grammarly, Jooble, or Depositphotos – globally successful Ukrainian startups.

Let’s take Uptech, for example. While providing It services to startups and mature companies, we also have an R&D department. There, we brainstorm new ideas for startups and launch new products from scratch.

For now, we have built a range of mobile and web apps, with an “Uptech” label on them. Among them are the team performance management tool Plai, the AI-based avatar generator DYVO and a psychotherapy platform Rozmova.

Such an active tech community is a sign that Ukrainian IT professionals provide IT services and know how to build products.

Tech&Business Expertise

The combination of profound IT education and business endeavors makes Ukrainian IT professionals the best partner in building new startups. Whether you need to develop a fintech product or a healthcare management platform, you will find a team with the domain expertise you need.

For example, Uptech has hands-on experience in multiple domains, like:

We love to be more than just tech vendors of our clients, but startup advisors who can give professional advice. We always take the initiative, offering our clients the best solution based on our domain expertise and experience.

For example, when the Yaza client approached us with an idea of a social media app with geolocation functionality. From our side, we suggested carrying out a Discovery stage to validate the concept.

Little did we know how things were going to turn out. After several interviews and user tests, we realized Yaza should be a different app! Not social media but real estate. Well, it looks like a pivotal Netflix show culmination. But that’s a true story of how the iterative development approach saved the business time and money and built a new product that won users’ hearts.  

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Besides the ongoing invasion, Ukrainian companies have implemented concrete measures to keep their operation effective and safe.

For example, many Ukrainian IT companies managed to maintain their operations by moving part of the team outside Ukraine. All companies have developed their Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) to prepare for any possible scenario.

Uptech, which has a part of its team in Ukraine, has ensured the team members are safe and able to work. A big part of the team moved abroad (Poland, Austria, Spain, Thailand)  while others are staying far from conflicting zones.

Since the full-scale war outbreak, Uptech has provided complete process continuity and stayed loyal to long-term clients.

Well, I hope I’ve made the statement compelling enough. Yet, if you still need a bit more argumentation – check our article ​​9 Reasons Why Outsourcing To Ukraine Is The Perfect Choice.

Outstaffing to Ukraine: Where to Start?

Once you’ve decided to outstaff IT services to Ukraine (and rightfully so), you need to make another choice: which company to choose among the hundreds of Ukrainian IT service providers?

This section should help you to make this hard choice. Here are the steps that you should take when choosing among Ukrainian outstaffing companies.

how to outstaff to Ukraine

Visit Outsourcing Platforms

To find something – you should start searching, logically enough. So start your search surfing around the net. Multiple platforms provide lists of outstaffing vendors in different regions of the world. For example:

  • Toptal – a platform connecting businesses with top freelance IT professionals: from developers to project managers;
  • Clutch – a B2B platform where businesses can find an IT vendor based on reviews, verified case studies, and ratings;
  • Guru – a freelance platform helping businesses and IT companies find each other. The peculiarity of this platform is that you do not search yourself. You can publish your project, and IT companies will make their offers;
  • Outsourcely – another platform focused on building long-term partnerships between businesses and outsourcing/outstaffing agencies.  

You can visit any platform, indicate Ukraine as the preferable region, and review the suggested agencies.

Simply Google It

You read it right – you can just google a specific question about startup development or ask, “how to outstaff/outsource a development team in Ukraine?”. To this request, Google will offer a list of articles leading to outstaffing companies like Uptech.

You can find answers to your questions and a reliable outstaffing partner who will help you implement your idea.

Define Your Requirements

Time for some self-reflection! Take a while to think about what you’re seeking in your outstaffing vendor. Is it reliability, expertise, domain experience, or all at once?

Make your priorities clear to yourself first to explain them better to a potential outstaffing vendor.

By the way, on our blog we write a lot about how to define your project requirements. Check this read, for example: Functional Vs. Non-Functional Requirements: Why Are Both Important?

Analyze Company’s Background

Once you start your search, you will have your favorites at some point. Now you’ll have to sort out the winner. And the best way to find the right outstaffing partner in Ukraine is by looking at their domain expertise and checking the cases.

For example, at Uptech, besides outstaffing as such, we provide the following services:

  • Web app development;
  • Mobile app development;
  • UX/UI Design.

Among the industries that we’re specialized at are:

  • Fintech
  • Proptech
  • Healthcare
  • Social Media
  • Retail&Ecommerce
  • Delivery

Also, you can check the Works page, which collects our best case studies, working with clients like Aspiration, GOAT, and Dollar Shave Club.

Negotiate and Sign a Contract

Now it is time to negotiate the terms and sign an agreement with the chosen company. Talk through your expectations and hear what the outstaffing company offers. Review the CVs of every team member the company provides for you, ask all the necessary questions, and take your time to think it over. The outstaffing company will tackle all the administrative tasks, like payroll, taxes, and benefits.  

The whole sales cycle can take from a week to months to complete – it all depends from case to case and depends on many factors. For example, at Uptech the start of the project can depend on the availability of programmers at the particular moment. When there are specialists available, the start could be within a week. We usually inform clients about the availability of the team at the presale meetings.

Onboard the team

Once the terms are agreed upon, it is time to get to work! But before the actual development, explaining and outlining your expectations with the team is essential. Explain your goals, metrics, and deadlines. Also, if you have any drafts or documentation, give it to the project manager so they can communicate it to the team.

Be as open as possible with the team so it gives a clearer understanding of your vision.

Stay in Touch

Keep connected to your team via a set system of communication. Weekly and daily check-ins, retrospectives, brainstorming sessions, and other meetings help to keep you and the section on the same page about the ongoing projects.

At Uptech, we take responsibility for the project, team, and communication management.

Working since 2016, we mastered remote work very well, so we know how to organize transparent communication with remote clients, even with the significant time-zone difference.

And our clients admit that we tackle remote communication perfectly:

"We were working with a 9-hour time difference, but communication was never an issue."

If you want to learn more about managing a remote team, check our article How To Build A Successful Remote Software Development Team?

outstaffing ukarine

Why Trusting Outstaff Services to Uptech?

Uptech is an international software development company, partially based in Ukraine but having developers globally.

Working since 2016 and having a versatile profile of clients, we hold solid expertise in domains like fintech, healthcare, social media, etc.  

Our expertise has been numerously recognized by Clutch. In 2020, 2021 and 2022 Uptech got in the list of the best Ukrainian software development companies.

Our clients value our tech expertise, initiativeness and transparent communication.

outstaffing Ukraine

We are proud to have long-term partnerships with such tech giants as Aspiration and GOAT. Check our Clutch page and see what our clients say about working with us. Especially this quote is so meaningful to us because this is exactly what we want Uptech to be:

“They ask questions, provide suggestions, and learn about our business to make a proper product.”

Building products by ourselves, we know firsthand what it takes to make a product that users like.  


Outstaffing to Ukraine is a perfect instrument if you want to optimize costs of your business (and who does not, right?). Outstaffing a Ukrainian will save you costs without compromising the quality. But not only do you save up outstaffing in Ukraine. You also get profound tech and business expertise, along with domain experience.

You can make your first step to hiring an outstaffing team from Ukraine by booking a call with me. Just describe your idea and let Uptech do the magic.