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Top IT Management Companies To Innovate Your Business Growth

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December 20, 2023
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As we march further into the 21st century, the importance of influential IT management companies cannot be overstated. Regardless of size, businesses increasingly rely on IT infrastructure, digital solutions, and data analysis for day-to-day operations, strategic planning, and market competitiveness.

However, managing IT resources efficiently isn't a piece of cake. From understanding evolving technologies to keeping cyber threats at bay, it requires specialized skills and experience. This is where IT management companies come into play.

According to a 2022 report from Gartner, businesses that leverage advanced IT management services witness an efficiency improvement of up to 30%, emphasizing the vital role these firms play in driving organizational productivity.

In this article, I’ll explore top IT management companies that will augment your in-house team. I will also provide valuable tips on choosing the best IT management company for your specific needs and what to look for as you make this crucial decision.

Uptech has spent more than 7 years helping companies with their IT needs. Our team comprises skilled software experts, including:

  • Mobile & web app developers
  • Product managers
  • UX/UI designers
  • QA engineers

Not only we’ve bagged prestigious awards in our work, but we’ve also delivered every project we undertake with consistent quality. As such, we’re in a good position to guide you in finding a matching IT management company.

IT management companies: What do they do?

IT management companies provide essential services encompassing everything your business needs to properly harness technology and ensure your digital initiatives align with your strategic goals.

These companies specialize in executing projects efficiently and cost-effectively, often bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that your in-house team may need to possess. They do this by leveraging proven methodologies, technologies, and a highly skilled team of professionals to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget.

From careful code review to rigorous project management protocols, good IT management companies take quality seriously in their deliverables. This emphasis on quality is supported by a sound understanding of client needs, market dynamics, and transparent communication. Being in business since 2016, we’ve partnered with startups and established companies alike. We know what it takes to implement a successful project and the exact criteria to look for when you partner with a managed IT service provider.

Why use managed IT services?

By partnering with an IT management company, you're not just outsourcing a project; you're gaining a partner dedicated to optimizing costs, driving innovation, scaling up your start-up faster, and enhancing your product beyond initial expectations.

Top IT Management Companies List

Here's is your list of the top IT management companies preferred by global clients, their profiles and notable cases.


Location: International (Poland, Ukraine, USA)

Size: 100+ IT professionals

Years of Experience: 7+ years of experience in IT management (Founded in 2016)

Expertise: Custom software development, UX/UI design, mobile & web application development, QA, and product management

Notable Cases: Have worked with multiple industries:

Uptech helped to develop numerous successful products, like GOAT, Aspiration, DSC, Cardless and more. Peter Sisson, co-founder & CEO of Yaza, admires Uptech for their innovation and top-notch software solutions.

Delivering advanced IT solutions, Uptech consistently provides innovative products for businesses globally. Our experts work collaboratively with clients to understand unique business needs, translating them into practical and scalable solutions.

With a focus on client satisfaction, Uptech is an excellent partner for startups series A+ and mature businesses needing external IT support. Over the years, we’ve bagged several prestigious awards, including the DesignRush’s Award and EuroAsian Startups Award. Moreover, we are listed amongst the Top 1000 Service Providers in 2021 and 2022 by Clutch.

When seeking an IT management company, you might want to consider geographical location besides costs, quality, communication, and other factors. Uptech has an edge as we operate from one of the best IT outsourcing countries and provide services worldwide.

Our end-to-end services and commitment to providing expert opinions and maintaining open communication allow clients to trust and depend on us for their IT needs. Our team is skilled and experienced in technological frameworks commonly used to build digital solutions. For example:

  • Web Front End - Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript, and React + Redux/Mobx
  • Backend - Node.JS, TypeScript, Nest.js
  • Databases - SQL, NoSQL, Elasticsearch
  • Cloud infrastructure - AWS, Google Cloud.

We also develop AI-based products, help companies build PoC in 3 months and create top-notch products to stay on top of the technological wave. Check out how we built – an AI-powered application that allows generating fancy AI avatars from your selfies. See the full list of our Generative AI services and capabilities.

 management companies


Location: USA

Size: 50-250 employees

Years of Experience: 15 years in the cybersecurity industry

Expertise: Cybersecurity, Managed IT services

Notable Cases: CyberDuo enhanced a LA hospital's cybersecurity, offering continuous monitoring and advanced endpoint protection while ensuring HIPAA compliance. They migrated Ocean Medical's aging on-premises servers to Microsoft Azure Cloud, improving workflow efficiency, reducing patient wait times, and increasing data security in compliance with HIPAA requirements.

CyberDuo offers an impressive blend of IT management and cybersecurity solutions, all tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. They demonstrate their prowess through a proactive and customer-centric approach that establishes them as a reliable partner.

The company ensures secure and efficient IT environments, helping enterprises to prevent cyber threats and maintain productivity. They work towards maintaining high communication with clients, understanding their concerns, and providing solutions that deliver tangible results.

CyberDuo is committed to consistently delivering, setting, and matching timeline & budget expectations, ensuring client satisfaction.


Location: USA

Size: 10-49 employees

Years of Experience: 12 years in the IT consulting and services industry

Expertise: IT consulting, Managed IT services

Notable Cases: M6iT moved Robert Derector Associates' email system to the cloud and now manages their Microsoft Azure hosting. For Wunderkind, M6iT provided comprehensive IT support, including hiring assistance, and helped fuel their rapid growth.

Renowned as an IT consulting firm, M6iT's ability to provide client-centric services is exceptional. They take the time to understand the unique needs of businesses and deliver tailor-made IT solutions that enhance operational efficiency.

With a strong track record in maintaining and securing IT infrastructures, M6iT ensures companies can focus on their core operations without worrying about IT-related issues.

They are committed to being proactive, asking the right questions, and providing innovative decisions that align with client goals. Their commitment to cost optimization and quality further bolsters their reputation as a reliable IT partner.


Location: USA

Size: 10-49 team

Years of Experience: 16 years in the IT services industry

Expertise: IT consulting, Managed IT services

Notable Cases: Duncan McIntosh: Switched to BriteCity to resolve challenges with in-house IT, benefiting from local maintenance support. California Waters: Choose BriteCity to eliminate inconsistent service coverage, preventing extended outages and downtime.

BriteCITY is an IT service provider that offers managed IT services, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. They focus on providing businesses with the support they need to operate seamlessly.

Their approach involves understanding client needs and delivering IT solutions that address them and improve overall business operations. BriteCITY is recognized for its cost optimization and rigorous selection process, ensuring that clients receive top-notch services.

With a commitment to maintaining open communication and providing consistent results, BriteCITY continues to be a leading choice for businesses seeking reliable IT management solutions.


Location: Ukraine

Size: 120+ employees

Years of Experience: 8+ years (Founded in 2014)

Expertise: Mobile and web app development, UI/UX design, IT consulting

Notable Cases: Expertise in transforming businesses through technology. Renowned for client-centered approach.

Cleveroad is a proficient software development company providing exceptional IT management services. It stands out for its custom software development prowess and ability to bring top-notch services within tight timelines.

With a solid commitment to providing an optimal balance between quality and cost, Cleveroad ensures its client's needs are at the forefront of all its operations, aligning solutions to specific business requirements.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Location: India

Size: 200+ employees

Years of Experience: 10+ years (Founded in 2011)

Expertise: Mobile app development, web and e-commerce development, AI solutions

Notable Cases: Infosystem developed a delivery app for Papa John's, streamlining order tracking and driver management. They created an interactive, game-based educational platform facilitating efficient learning and management.

An internationally recognized mobile app development company, Hyperlink InfoSystem extends its services into IT management, providing robust and reliable solutions. The firm is driven by a team of IT professionals who deploy their profound knowledge in creating tailor-made strategies for businesses worldwide.

The unique selling point of Hyperlink InfoSystem lies in its project management expertise, maintaining high standards of transparency, consistency in delivery, and open communication.


Location: Germany

Size: 200+ employees

Years of Experience: 20+ years (Founded in 2000)

Expertise: Custom software development, IT consulting

Notable Cases: Instinctools partnered with a major Eastern European bank to create Whitebird, the first legal cryptocurrency exchange in the Eurasian Economic Union. This groundbreaking project bolstered their expertise in secure, regulator-compliant blockchain solutions.

Instinctools is a software development and IT management services provider reputed for its dedication to creating tailored IT solutions. They excel in maintaining high communication and fostering long-lasting relationships with their clients.

They provide expert insights that assist businesses in enhancing their IT operations. Having an equilibrium between cost and quality, Instinctools ensures clients receive value-driven solutions.

Applied Tech

Location: USA

Size: 50-100 employees

Years of Experience: 20+ years (Founded in 1999)

Expertise: IT managed services, cybersecurity

Notable Cases: At Capital First Trust Co., Applied Tech enabled the company to concentrate on its core business - trust settlement, by taking care of their technology needs. This collaboration significantly contributed to their customer service model, reinforcing their esteemed reputation in the industry.

Applied Tech is an IT management company known for its ability to provide comprehensive and strategic IT solutions. Their approach focuses on understanding a company's unique needs and designing IT strategies that deliver effective and scalable solutions.

This firm emphasizes transparency and open communication, providing detailed plans and results that align with the client's business goals.


Location: Poland

Size: 2000+ employees

Years of Experience: 30+ years (Founded in 1991)

Expertise: IT outsourcing, software engineering, cybersecurity

Notable Cases: Infopulse enabled one of Europe's leading agri producers to enhance its sales planning, warehouse management, and logistics through the development of a Machine Learning-based sales forecasting solution, achieving 80-90% sales forecasting accuracy.

InfoPulse is a global provider of IT management services and software engineering solutions. They are known for delivering quality, custom IT solutions that empower businesses to optimize their operations.

With a solid commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, InfoPulse brings a wealth of experience, providing expert guidance on leveraging IT resources for maximum impact.


Location: Poland

Size: 500+ employees

Years of Experience: 13+ years (Founded in 2006)

Expertise: IT consulting, custom software development

Notable Cases: Britenet developed a custom CRM system for, improving customer relations and employee efficiency. The new CRM organized sales activities, tracked complete sales processes, and improved internal communication. This resulted in enhanced customer relations, streamlined operations, and higher conversion rates. Technologies used included Java 11, PostgreSQL, Docker, and more.

Britenet is a software development and IT management company that places a premium on delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions. They are adept at providing expert opinions and innovative solutions to your IT summons.

The company is known for maintaining high communication and transparency standards, including regular updates on project progress and results.


Location: USA

Size: 100-249 employees

Years of Experience: 20+ years (Founded in 1999)

Expertise: IT managed services, IT consulting, cybersecurity

Notable Cases: Flexible Fuels enlisted Executech's help when they faced a cybersecurity threat. Executech conducted a risk assessment, revealed severe security gaps, and implemented a custom IT and security plan. As a result, Flexible Fuels now operates with a secure network and ongoing support from Executech.

Recognized for exceptional IT solutions, Executech is an accomplished, outsourced IT services firm celebrated for its dedication to customer-focused IT management.

The array of IT services offered by Executech spans from professional consulting to managing services and providing cloud solutions. Executech is dedicated to operating with clarity and transparency, consistently delivering tangible results that exceed their client's expectations.


Location: Mexico

Size: 50-249 employees

Years of Experience: 9+ years (Founded in 2012)

Expertise: IT managed services, cloud computing services, cybersecurity

Notable Cases: ClickIT helped Ultrasound AI develop a web application that uses AI to provide accurate baby delivery dates from ultrasound images. The project was completed in three months, ensuring low costs, HIPAA compliance, and autoscaling. The result is a functional, privacy-sensitive application for prenatal care.

ClickIT is a cloud consulting and managed IT service that delivers secure, scalable, and successful digital experiences. Their team of experts leverages the power of cutting-edge technologies to provide innovative IT solutions that align with business needs.

With a focus on proactive communication and expert insights, ClickIT ensures its clients stay ahead of the curve.

How to Choose the Best IT Management Company: 7 Tips

Drawing upon our extensive expertise and in-depth collaboration with clients, we've identified some key considerations you should prioritize when selecting the software development company or software development firm for your business. Our understanding of client challenges and pain points shapes these insights, providing a guide grounded in real-world experiences.

Identify your needs

Every business has unique IT requirements. Whether you need essential IT support or more specialized services like cybersecurity or cloud integration, understanding these needs is the first step in selecting the right managed IT company. To identify your needs:

  • Analyze your current setup
  • Consider your plans
  • Outline your required services

Check their expertise

Not all IT companies are created equal. Some may excel in certain areas while lacking in others. This indirectly links with their IT staffing and how they assemble the team of expert IT members. Make sure to verify their capabilities and if they offer what you need.

it management companies

For example, if you are developing AI solutions, make sure they have experienced machine learning (ML) engineers on their team. To do so, you should request their team profiles and check for proven ML project delivery in their portfolio. Ask them about their ML strategies and methodologies to get a better understanding of their ability to deliver.

Choose experienced providers

Look for a company that has a wealth of experience in the industry. Companies with a long-standing track record have likely encountered and resolved various IT challenges and can therefore bring tested solutions and insights to your business. They can assure you that they can handle your IT needs effectively.

Ask for references

IT management firms with pertinent accreditations showcase their proficiency and dedication to upholding superior standards. In addition, collaborations with top-tier tech corporations often lead to access to cutting-edge technologies and new service provisions. Such qualifications ensure their capabilities.

Prioritize communication

Communication is crucial in IT management. A good company will have a communication strategy that includes regular updates and reports and open channels for your questions or concerns. This allows for transparency and effective collaboration and builds trust

To assess the communication strategy of an IT company, you can look for their feedback mechanism and consider their responsiveness. For example:

  • Does the provider communicate with you on Slack or via email?
  • Will they provide regular updates?
  • Are they reachable across different time zones during business hours?

Consider their scalability

As your enterprise develops, your IT requirements will shift. The IT management organization you opt for should provide adaptable solutions that can scale and progress with your requirements. Whether it's team expansion, increased storage needs, or more intricate services, they should be able to facilitate this expansion.

Check their client reviews

Client reviews and case studies are a window into a company's performance and client relationships. Take time to read through these to get a sense of their strengths and weaknesses, how they operate, and their level of client satisfaction. Avoid IT management companies with consistently negative reviews or unresolved issues. Clutch, TechRadar, PCMag, G2, and Capterra are some dependable sources for getting unbiased client reviews.

it management companies

Final Takeaways

In the end, selecting one from a list of IT management companies is vital. Top-notch companies like Uptech can help your business grow digitally. But remember, finding the best partner depends on knowing your own needs.

You must also check out the company's skills, track record, how they talk to clients, and if they can grow with you. Make an intelligent choice, and you'll see your business scaling up smoothly and growing faster.

Manage your company’s IT needs with Uptech. Talk to us and explore the wide range of services we offer.


What is an IT management company?

IT management companies provide essential services encompassing everything your business needs to properly harness technology and ensure your digital initiatives align with your strategic goals.

IT management companies specialize in executing projects efficiently and cost-effectively, often bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that your in-house team may need to possess. They do this by leveraging proven methodologies, technologies, and a highly skilled team of professionals to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget.

What are the top IT management companies?

Here are top-5 IT management companies:

  1. Uptech
  2. CyberDuo
  3. M6iT
  4. BriteCITY
  5. Cleveroad

Why use managed IT services?

By partnering with an IT management company, you're not just outsourcing a project; you're gaining a partner dedicated to optimizing costs, driving innovation, scaling up your start-up faster, and enhancing your product beyond initial expectations.