Uptech Gets DesignRush’s Award for Yaza

Updated on
June 23, 2023
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We are happy to announce that our design team got a DesignRush’s Best Designs Awards for the UI/UX design services for Yaza. Yaza is a map-based video-sharing app that allows creating a visualized map of home tours for prospective buyers or lessees. 

Back in 2018, when we started working on Yaza, the idea of the app was blurred and needed profound validations. Our design and product development team carried out a discovery stage, where they went through customer and problem validation. 

About UX/UI Design for Yaza

Uptech’s design team takes an active part in the idea validation process. During the Discovery stage of app development, designers create prototypes that include the essential scope and features and give a full picture of the app. After several iterations of testing and hypotheses validation, we improved the prototype. Using an iterative development approach, we redesigned the app after each user test to improve the app’s usability. 

UX/UI design app

We tested suggested UI solutions through the sprint to crystalize and eliminate the tiniest deficiencies in the design. We would suggest improvements in every new iteration of the product that would again be tested. This process turns into a continuous chain of improvements, carried out until the app flow is maximum user-friendly. 

DesignRush’s Award

DesignRush’s Best Design Award is an award given by the DesignRush platform to the best design solutions in certain categories and industries. For us, this is an honorable recognition of our work and another proof that Uptech’s design team brought the right solution for the app. 

We are happy our work has been recognized. And we are open to new challenges to build even better design solutions.