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How to Hire a Web Developer that Will Be a Match for Your Project?

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March 26, 2024
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Hiring a web developer isn’t tricky. But finding a web developer that meets your needs is a tough call.

Our goal at Uptech is to help startups and established businesses build profitable products. After 150+ successfully launched projects, we have firmly established our customer-centric approach to app development and industry know-how, resulting in our client’s remarkable growth and long-term partnership.

After reading this article, you’ll get to know:

  • how to hire a good web developer;
  • what kind of developers you need;
  • how to do successful research;
  • how to set up an effective partnership with your development team.

Without further ados, let’s start!

Things to Figure Out Before Hiring a Web Developer

So you have decided to hire a developer. What’s next? Firstly, ask yourself a few questions to help you figure out whom you want to see on your project. 

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Why Are You Hiring?

Is it the launch of a new project? Or is it the expansion of an existing one? 

Either way, you need to figure out what you expect from a new employee at this stage of the project development. Maybe you want him/her to take on some critical processes, become a team lead, or even manage a team of foreign freelancers – all of these factors influence your choice. 

What Are Your Expectations?

Just imagine: a new web developer joins your web development team. So what’s next? How do you see the result in 6 months or a year? Figure out the expected changes for the short or long term and conclude if it’s realistically possible.

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What’s Your Product’s Vision?

Your product's vision will define the goals that'll take you there. Before enrolling in any collaboration with developers, take your time to think and answer the following questions: 

  • What users' needs will your product satisfy? How will it do it? 
  • Will your product provide a different solution as compared to the competitors? 
  • What values will your product bring to the customer? 

Once you have answered these questions, it will be easier for you to make a project estimation and outline the tasks you need to complete. Based on this, hiring the right web developer will be a piece of cake. 

5 Simple Steps to Hire a Good Web Developer

When you look for a web developer to hire, we recommend following these 5 steps. It will help you find a suitable person for your project.

1. Outline your business needs

Before jumping right into the Internet surfing and googling "how to hire a web developer," you should do some homework. Defining your business needs will give you a clear understanding of which web developers will suit your project the best.

Give answers to the following questions:

  • Why do I need to hire an outsourced web developer?
  • What are the min and max times of our collaboration?
  • What do I expect to get in the result?
  • What is the scope of work?

The needs may sound like this.

I need to hire a web developer to:

  • Develop high-quality code adhering to the best practices in web development.
  • Focus on responsive design to ensure optimal display and functionality across various devices, including mobile platforms.
  • Build user-friendly websites and interfaces using standard HTML/CSS practices.
  • Integrate and manage data from back-end databases and services to enhance website functionality.
  • Design and maintain efficient workflows for the development team, ensuring clear visibility of tasks and a balanced workload.
  • Ensure robust security measures are in place to protect website data and user privacy.
  • Continuously optimize website performance for speed and efficiency.

Take your time and make a list of requirements. Devote some time at the very beginning will help you find a web developer that suits your project best.

2. Choose a cooperation model

Once you have listed your needs, you have more clarity on what to do next. And the next thing you need to do to hire professional web developers is select the right cooperation model.

There are different options to choose from. We’ll dig deeper into each in the next block but here’s the overview:

  1. Freelance: Ideal for short-term, flexible, or specialized tasks. Hiring freelancers is the most cost-effective solution but note that freelance web developers may have multiple clients.
  2. Outsource: Suitable for entire project development. You can outsource web development teams that manage your project from start to finish.
  3. Outstaff: This model means that you hire a website developer or a couple of developers to work alongside your in-house team. Outstaff model offers a balance between control and flexibility, and you can scale up and down your team based on your business needs.
  4. In-House: Hiring a developer as a full-time employee offers the most control and integration with your team but in-house web developers usually cost more and demand more engagement from your side.

3. Define the developer’s skills needed

Ok, you have your business needs listed and the cooperation model picked – now it’s time to figure out what type of web developer you need for this project.  

This is where you should think of the types of web developers' skills, and you know exactly what you need and if you need just one developer or maybe more.

Here are the skills and qualifications to help you determine the best-fit candidates.

  • Front-end developers: make changes to the front of your site – the main responsibility is to ensure that users can easily interact with the website. Web languages front-end developers use: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Node.JS, ASP.NET, React.JS, Angular 8, and other technologies.
  • Back-end developers make changes to the website architecture, hidden behind the front-end – the main responsibility is to ensure that the website works with no errors. Web languages/databases back-end developers use: PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, SQL, and others.
  • Full-stack developers: make changes to both the front and back-end of websites. Note that full-stack developers have a higher hourly rate, compared to the developers focused on one part of development, but, in the end, it is cheaper to hire one front-end specialist than the front and back-end developers.

4. List your selection criteria

The choice is always about compromise. To hire a web developer you need to understand what you can compromise and what is your top priority.

There are a few key things you should think of:

  • Number of web developers you need;
  • Seniority level of a web developer;
  • Level of experience in your industry;
  • Price you’re ready to pay;
  • Tech skills;
  • Soft skills.

We suggest making a table and ranking these points from the most critical to the least important.

5. Discover the hiring platforms

Congrats! You have all the necessary information at hand and can proceed to the next step – search for the web developers on the platforms.

Depending on the cooperation model you choose, the platforms may vary. For example, if you decided to hire in-house web developers, the best ways to find them are:

  • Searching on LinkedIn;
  • Hiring a recruiting agency;
  • Having a Recruiter in-house.  

If you’re looking for web developers on a freelance basis, here are the sources to check:

  • Upwork;
  • Fiverr;
  • Toptal.

And finally, if outsourcing or outstaff models suit you best, here are the places where to find and hire web developers. Again, we list them here and will give you a more detailed overview in the following blocks.

  • Clutch;
  • Goodfirms;
  • Recommendations from your friends, founders, and people who have previous experience working with outsource, outstaff companies.

3 Extra Steps For Hiring a Good Web Developer

The steps above are the foundation for the successful hiring of web developers. But as we at Uptech specialize in delivering outsourcing and outstaff service, we’d like to give you some extra tips if you consider these models of cooperation.  

1. Ask for recommendations

In web app development outsourcing, asking for advice is very common and useful. Ask your friends or make a post on LinkedIn and ask people if they have some good web development companies in mind. If it doesn't work for you, you are free to ask the company that seems attractive for clients' feedback. For a reliable company, it won't be a problem.

2. Explore the company’s expertise

Before deciding on hiring a development team, review the team’s portfolio, cases, and testimonials and try to determine whether the developers have the experience required in your field.

For example, we at Uptech actively update our Work page with new cases and reviews. For example, here’s our case for Aspiration – a sustainability-as-a-service fintech company from California. We recently visited the Aspiration team in the USA and came back with a video testimonial from Belsien Thomas, the Senior Director of Engineering at Aspiration. Check it out!

3. Check the soft skills

Work isn't only about toiling. Likewise, employment isn't about choosing candidates based on hard skills. Outsourcing development usually involves a long-term journey. So isn’t it essential to share this journey with amicable candidates? We guess it is.

So our recommendation is to talk about the candidate’s values and goals, ask him/her about his inspiration, and see if there is chemistry between you and the candidate.

Where to Hire Web Developers: Top Websites  

To hire a web development team, you need to know where to look for them and, more importantly, have some resources where you can compare your candidates.

Here are the websites with the list of top web development companies:

1. Uptech

Uptech is the leading international outsourcing product development company. We understand a lot of issues that businesses face when it comes to product development:

  • How important it is to fit the deadlines;
  • Satisfy the investors’ needs (if you’re a startup);
  • Find product/market fit;
  • Develop a scalable and quality product.

We are here to help you pass all that successfully. We ensure that outsourcing is a process that is both effective and painless.

2. Clutch

Clutch is a B2B review platform where clients share their experience working with development companies.

Uptech also has a profile on Clutch. You are welcome to check it and see our portfolio, clients’ reviews, and the list of our services.

3. Goodfirms

Goodfirms is a B2B research and review platform for top technology, software & eCommerce development service companies.

Here’s Uptech’s profile on Goodfirms.

4. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance marketplace with talent in various fields from all over the world.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is one more popular freelance online marketplace with professionals from different corners of the world.

6. Toptal

Toptal is a company that provides a freelancing platform, connecting businesses with software engineers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers.

4 Employment Models to Hire Dedicated Web Developers

The specifics of your project will define the way you will collaborate with your development team. Explore these pros and cons to choose the model that suits your project best. 

Hiring a Web Developer In-House

The first option that comes along in assembling a team of developers is hiring in-house. This means employing a professional who will be fully committed to your project with no by-side duties. When you hire a person in-house, you take responsibility for the working environment, equipment, insurance, personal benefits, etc. 

Pros of In-House Hiring

  • The total commitment of the employee; 
  • The employee ingrained in the company’s culture; 
  • In-house employment leads to more input and involvement; 
  • The in-house developer will be more aware of the developments in the company. 

Cons of In-House Hiring

  • Responsibility of providing suitable working conditions and equipment; 
  • Only full-time employment option.
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Hiring a Freelance Web Developer

Cooperation on a freelance-basis has been a widely-used option for company owners. Sometimes you cannot ensure full-time employment for a person you hire, so opting for freelance can suit you better. 

Pros of Freelance

  • No need to provide working equipment; 
  • The scope of employment is optional.

Cons of Freelance

  • A freelance worker can be involved in other projects, which means less commitment;
  • Complicated onboarding process.
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Hiring Web Developers as an Outsource Team

The most popular option among business owners these days is hiring web development team with the outsourcing collaboration model. Outsourcing web developers is a contract-based collaboration mode, where an outsourcing company  provides the IT-reliant business processes, application services, and infrastructure solutions.

This model has become more relevant this year, as the pandemic has given way to widespread remote collaboration. In 2023, spending on IT services is projected to reach around $1.4 trillion worldwide.

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Pros of Outsource Hiring

  • No responsibility for the working equipment and documentation;
  • You may choose the company with the proper experience;
  • Contract-based collaboration;
  • You can scale up and scale down the outsourcing team based on the project’s needs;
  • Redcued hiring, onboarding, firing expenses;
  • The best price&quality ratio.

Cons of Outsource Hiring

  • Lack of control;
  • Possible communication issues.
Check out 10 Outsourcing Problems: Why Do They Arise And How To Solve Them?
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Hiring Web Developers as an Outstaff Team

Outstaff model involves hiring remote web developers who are officially employed by another company. This model provides you with dedicated IT professionals who work exclusively on your projects. The administrative and HR responsibilities remain with the outstaffing provider.

This approach has gained traction, especially in the current climate where remote work has become more prevalent. In 2024, the global expenditure on IT services, including outstaffing, is expected to continue its upward trend, reflecting the increasing reliance on remote IT expertise.

Pros of Outstaff Hiring

  • No need to manage HR tasks such as payroll and benefits;
  • Access to a pool of professionals with specialized experience;
  • Flexibility to adjust team size according to project requirements;
  • Reduced costs related to hiring, onboarding, and termination processes;
  • Optimal balance of cost and quality, with a focus on long-term collaboration.

Cons of Outstaff Hiring

  • Potential challenges in integrating outstaffed employees with in-house teams;
  • Need for effective communication strategies to bridge any time zone differences.

Uptech offers IT staff augmentation services. Check it out! So you can scale up and down your web development team fast and according to your needs.  

How to Hire Web Developers: 3 Outsourcing Models to Choose From

Hiring developers for startups and established businesses is a common practice. Because of the great demand, there are different options for outsourcing web developers that suit different products. You can adapt outsourcing cooperation to your needs and choose a collaboration model that suits your project best.

Here are three of the most popular options:

1. Dedicated team

A dedicated team is a model where a client and a developers’ team collaborate on a long-term basis. This model implies that you hire dedicated web developers who are fully committed and guarantee that a developer will not take on projects from other clients.

2. Time & Materials

The time and material formula is where a customer pays for the hours spent on product development and the completed amount of work.

3. Fixed-price model

In this model, the budget and timeline are predefined before the project starts. The client pays the amount agreed in the contract, regardless of any blockers that occur during the project.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Web Developer?

The cost of hiring a web developer can vary widely depending on the cooperation model you choose, the seniority level of a professional, and some more factors.

But we know that you are here to hear the exact numbers of web programmers for hire. We’ll give them to you but let’s list the factors first as they let you understand where and how you can reduce costs.

Factors Influencing Web Developer Hiring Costs

Experience Level

It’s obvious but let’s highlight it one more time. The expertise and seniority of the developer impact the cost. Junior developers are more affordable, while senior developers with specialized skills command higher rates.

Project Complexity

The nature and complexity of your project can influence the cost. Simple website projects cost less, whereas complex web applications with advanced features are more expensive.

Engagement Model

Whether you choose freelancers, in-house teams, or outsourcing companies affects the overall cost. As we mentioned above, hiring a freelancer is cheaper than hiring an outsourced team. However, outsourcing or outstaffing will cost you less than in-house hiring.

Cooperation model Junior Developer Mid-Level Developer Senior Developer
In-house $50 - $75/hr $75 - $120/hr $120 - $180/hr
Freelance $15 - $30/hr $50 - $90/hr $100 - $300/hr
Outsource $25 - $40/hr $45 - $100/hr $110 - $220/hr
Outstaff $20 - $30/hr $30 - $50/hr $90 - $110/hr


The geographical location of the developer or the outsourcing company plays a significant role in determining the cost. Developers in North America and Western Europe typically charge higher rates compared to those in Eastern Europe or Asia.

Average Cost by Region and Experience

Region Junior Developer Mid-Level Developer Senior Developer
North America $50 - $75/hr $75 - $120/hr $120 - $180/hr
Western Europe $40 - $65/hr $65 - $100/hr $100 - $150/hr
Eastern Europe $25 - $45/hr $45 - $75/hr $75 - $120/hr
Asia $15 - $30/hr $30 - $50/hr $50 - $80/hr

Learn more about the web app development cost in our article.

Additional Considerations

  • Outstaffing vs. Outsourcing: Outstaffing involves hiring a developer employed by another company, while outsourcing refers to contracting a project to an external team. Outstaffing can be more cost-effective for long-term projects.
  • Hidden Costs: Be aware of potential hidden costs such as setup fees, software licenses, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Quality vs. Cost: Balancing the cost with the quality of work is crucial. Opting for the cheapest option might compromise the quality of your web development project.

Why Hiring Web Developers as an Outsourced Team Is The Best Choice

For 7+ years of working with startups and established businesses, clients came to us for different reasons. But there are two main motives why companies choose IT outsourcing:

  • 65% said outsourcing helps them focus on core functions;
  • 63% mentioned cost-cutting as a key benefit of outsourcing.

According to Deloitte's research.

When we ask our clients why they pick us, they often say that they hire Uptech web developers because of the following reasons:

  • They get access to the pool of tech talents;
  • We ask questions and give professional advice;
  • They solve capacity issues.

The need for outsourcing is hard to overestimate. 92% of G2000 companies are already outsourcing, and 60% of organizations are outsourcing app development specifically. Google, Facebook, and Slack are companies that hire outsourcing teams.

If you have just a raw idea and no team, outsourcing a web app development company is the best option. We will help you develop your app end-to-end in the shortest possible time.

In another case, when you already have a product but need an extra hand of help or an external point of view, we also have something to offer. With our tech expertise in web development, fresh ideas, and a dedicated team, the app development process becomes faster and smooth.

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Hiring Web App Developer Process at Uptech

With 7 years of experience in the outsourcing market, we help startup companies and enterprises to build the products they dream of. We helped to develop profitable products with product market fit for companies on Fortune 500, Inc. 5000 lists and fast scale-up teams for technology startups. Our customer-centric approach to app development and industry know-how results in our client’s remarkable growth and our long-term partnership. Among our clients are:

To help our clients make the right choice, we take the following steps during the hiring process:

Introduction call

Once a potential client has requested to work with us, we hold an introductory meeting to discuss goals, timelines, and budget. We make an intro call to know more about the client and define if we are a fit.

Project estimation

Following the introduction, we make the general evaluation of the project and tasks included to discuss the team involvement; 

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Interview with the team

Once the tasks are defined, we gather a team of developers who have the proper expertise and set up an interview with the client; 

Start of collaboration

Finally, we hold a kick-off call to set the start date and make a contract. 

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We focus on business value, user needs, not only on sophisticated code. We suggest improvements and alternatives, make changes, and evolve continuously. Uptech developers suggest how to reduce the scope, cut the cost, choose more suitable tool.

With our experienced team, you can scale up to meet your growth. Contact us if you have a project to collaborate.


Hiring web developers for your project takes time and effort. However, having a crystal-clear vision of your product makes it twice easier. As a product development studio, Uptech can help you bring clarity to your product's vision and turn it into flawless codes. Tell us about your idea, and we will pull our efforts to make it come true.


How to evaluate the quality of a web developer?

Look at their skill set, seniority level, and portfolio for quality of projects. Check their knowledge of coding languages and tech stack relevant to your project. Interview to check their soft skills, and assess their problem-solving skills and understanding of web standards. Also, consider client testimonials and their ability to communicate effectively.

How to find and hire an experienced website developer?

Here are 5 steps to follow when you look for a web developer to hire:

  1. Outline your business needs;
  2. Choose a cooperation model: freelance, in-house, outsource, or outstaff;
  3. Define the developers’ skill set;
  4. List your selection criteria;
  5. Discover the hiring platforms.

What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

A web developer builds and maintains the core structure of a website using coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A web designer is responsible for the visual aspects and user experience of a website, using tools like Adobe Photoshop and Sketch. They create the layout, color scheme, and graphic elements.

What are the benefits of hiring a web development company?

Hiring a web development company offers the best price and quality ratio. It lets you scale up and scale down the development team based on the project’s needs. You can choose the company with the proper web development experience, and reduce hiring, onboarding, and firing expenses. Web development companies also provide ongoing support and maintenance, and can handle larger, more complex projects efficiently.