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If you were searching for the cost of web application development, the results could vary from a couple of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hundreds of times difference, are you serious?!

The truth is that many factors affect the price of web app development. This includes the complexity of business processes, time, the scope of development (features), the uncertainty of the product, and the development team location. However, there are a few factors that you can consider that will allow you to get as close as possible to an accurate figure.

Let’s take a closer look at the different factors that weigh into the cost of building web apps, and how to get the best quality for your budget.

When Do You Need to Build a Web Application (And Not A Mobile Application)?

In the current era of world digitalization, people are spending more time on their smartphones and tablets and tend to use mobile devices as their primary source of internet access. Web applications are becoming one of the best solutions to fast and efficient services across all platforms without any specific model requirement. 

Web apps allow a business to provide consumers with information whilst automating business processes at far higher levels. Consumers can process transactions, book reservations, edit documents, or just learn product information.

Use Cases: When It’s Better to Build a Web App

  • When building a web application, you end up with something that’ll work on any device or operating system for as long as it supports web browsing — PC, Linux, Android, Mac, or iOS.
  • Web application development does not require any approval from app stores — Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, etc.
  • You can build web applications that work on both computers and mobile devices.
  • The web app is internet-based, which means that users don’t have to download and install anything on their device for it to work, which opens access to reach more users. 

When It’s Better to Build a Mobile App

  • When you need to work with specific mobile hardware including the camera or flashlight.
  • If you are willing to develop a game. Currently, games that require tons of memory such as Pokemon GO are better suited as a mobile app.
  • Personal Services such as Uber and Gmail mobile apps offer better experiences than their web versions.
  • If you need to support an offline usage of your app, it’s also a reason to select a mobile app.
  • Sometimes you need to reach a wider audience (for example, users who don’t have access to a computer or work mostly with mobile devices).

Web App Development Process in Uptech

Now, if you have decided to go for a web application instead of mobile, we can move on to the different stages it involves. It will help you to gain a better appreciation of how to create a web app and how they are priced accordingly.

While deciding to build a web application, you need to consider that it may include different stages depending on the amount and type of work that you need to have done. One of the common scenarios is when you build an MVP first, then validate your business hypotheses and after that continue the development.

Here at Uptech, we strive to build products that will help our clients to be successful and that is why we suggest going through the following steps of the web app development process:

  1. Discovery Stage
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Support

Discovery Stage

During this phase, you work together with a business analyst, researcher, designer, and developers to decrease uncertainty about the project scope and think about the specific problems that you want to solve with your web app. During this phase, you will also finalise the reasons for why you need to build a web app in the first place. 

This process includes user interviews, market research, prototyping of the solution, and technical investigation. Everything listed here is needed to collect as much useful data as possible and validate the hypotheses of your business. At the end of this phase, you receive a high-level system architecture, a roadmap with the scope of features to be done, and a prototype that will be tested on real users.

Among other things, parties agree on a technology stack (a list of technology services for building web apps) and come up with a roadmap for tracking progress in web application development.

web app disocvery


When the information is collected, our design team creates the UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design of the product. We use an iterative approach to build exactly what you need so that you will be proud of the end design. We prepare the UI concept, test it with users that match your target audience, and update the concept according to the received feedback. We make sure that you and your potential users love the visual design of the future product.


The goal at this stage is to transform the information from previous steps into a working system. This includes (among other things) the graphics interface, web app architecture and framework, database structure (libraries, classes, and modules) and everything else that is needed for the web app to work.

Developers, the project manager, and quality assurance engineer will work together using an iterative approach with fast feedback loops, which will allow you to quickly evaluate progress, pivot according to any new information that’s appeared, get feedback from end-users, and launch your product.

web app development


When you building a web app, it’s essential to understand that you’re creating a service and not an end product. Hence, just because the web app exists doesn’t mean that your work is done. A web app requires continuous maintenance and improvement to attract and retain users.

How Web App Development Rates Differ Around the World

One thing that you may have already noticed about creating web applications is that rates vary widely around the world. The cost of a web app developed in the USA will differ from the same app made in other regions. 

One of the reasons for this is that the USA and Australia have the highest software development costs in the world ranging from $80-$250/hour. So web apps from these two countries will cost a lot more. Whereas, the UK offers rates of $50-$120/hour with the Ukraine or Belarus offering rates as low as $20-$60/ hour.

What is the reason for this cost disparity, you ask? Well, there are a couple of reasons for it, starting from the fact that people from around the world correlate price and quality differently and finishing with the economical level of the country where the development team is located. In this case, developer teams from Eastern Europe (Ukraine especially) tend to show better quality / price ratio.

Also, depending on your needs, you may require a different team structure  such as the following:

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • Architect
  • Backend and frontend developers
  • QA
  • Designer

Rates may also differ for these roles depending on the level of team expertise and maturity. The table below is taken from an Accelerance compelling report on developer rates and helps you to evaluate the gap between them.

How Web App Development Rates Differ Around the World

How the Web App Development Cost is Calculated

To get an accurate estimate of the cost of web application development, the following factors will need to be considered:

App Development Scope

What features will the web app have? Depending on the answer, you can either end up with a simple app with standard features (payment systems, inventory management, etc.) or a mighty complex and expensive one (banking apps, stock trading apps, etc.). 

Non-functional requirements

The background performance of a web app also weighs into the cost of web application development. This includes the speed, scalability, capacity, and level of security afforded to users. 

Also, you may have heard terms like low-loaded and high-loaded web apps. These merely refer to the number of users expected to use the web app concurrently. Web apps designed for hundreds of thousands of users will inevitably cost a lot more than, say, an internal web app that caters to a few hundred users.

UI/UX Design

Similar to features, web apps that feature a lot of complex UI and UX elements will end up costing more than a simple one.


A web application development project that’s on a tight deadline will be much more expensive compared to a similar one with a more reasonable timeframe. This is because more development resources are needed to complete the project at the given time.

Project size

The bigger team you’ll need to develop a project, the greater the cost . Not just because of size, but because you’ll need project managers to coordinate the process for each of the involved teams (one for WebApp, and one for iOS, for example).

web app cost

Average Web App Development Cost

It takes quite a bit to get a web application development cost, doesn’t it? Now that we’ve done an overview of factors that affect the final cost, let’s take a look at an approximate time needed for the development of different common and more complex features. We will calculate backend and frontend work with a rate of $50 per hour but also additional works like design, QA, project management and others that may be added by request.

Average Web App Development Cost
Average Web App Development Cost

So, it’s a bit like Lego. Now, you might be wondering: “But how much will my web application cost?” Well, unique applications include unique requirements but here we can also separate web apps by functionality to provide cost ranges that may help you to get rough numbers.

web application cost example

Note that here we listed estimates of different but not all features. The numbers can change depending on your project and design complexity. If you have any questions or need a more precise estimate of the app development cost, feel free to contact our team who will be happy to help you.


By now you’ve realised that building a proper web application isn’t as simple as people think. Fortunately, Uptech’s highly accomplished web app development team is here to help. Our experts will guide you on how to build your product and cater solely to your needs. You’ll find Uptech more than capable of completing any complex web app development project whilst still providing you with the best value for your money.

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