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15+ Best Software Engineering Companies for Outsourcing

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May 26, 2023
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Outsourcing is a common practice businesses use to address talent scarcity and technological gaps when building applications. Statista states software development is the top outsourced IT function worldwide, underscoring its importance to business growth. Scores of software engineering companies have emerged to meet the growing demands.

The question is, how do you choose the best software engineering company that meets your business needs? Understandably, each software engineering outsourcing company brings different technological offerings, skills, and specializations. Some enter long-term collaborations with large enterprises, while others tailor their services to bootstrapped startups or small and medium businesses.

To narrow your search, I’ve compiled a list of the best software engineering firms with different focuses, prices, sizes, experiences, and geographical presence.

software engineering company

Best Software Engineering Companies

best engineering software company

1. Uptech

Uptech is the best software engineering company that offers clients a delicate balance of affordability, quality, and professionalism. Headquartered in Poland, Uptech has grown from a small app design firm to one with a substantial presence in the US, Ukraine, Poland, and other major cities.

With a team of sizable software experts, Uptech provides end-to-end mobile and web development services across different domains. Its services includes, but not limited to mobile & web app development, software design, quality assurance and product management and available from $25-$49 per hour.

Want to learn more about our services? Check what we offer to our clients.

Uptech’s engineers is well-versed in Kotlin, Swift, Javascript, Node.js and other in-demand tech frameworks. We are experts in several industries:

Uptech delivers apps to global clients like Dollar Shave Club, GOAT, Nomad, and Aspiration. You can check full portfolio on our website.

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Uptech’s strategic location in Eastern Europe means you’ll enjoy affordable software engineering rates with unprecedented quality. Founded in 2016, we bagged meaningful awards, including the DesignRush’s Award and EuroAsian Startups Award. Moreover, this software engineering company ranks in the Top 100 App Development Companies by Clutch.

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ELEKS is a reputable software engineering company with over 2,000 employees stationed in major global cities. Founded in 1991, the Estonian software firm spent decades delivering custom software to customers in various industries. Since then, ELEKS has built a strong portfolio in the financial, medical, and logistics sectors.

Being in business for decades, ELEKS commands premium fees from $50-99 per hour when taking on projects of different natures. It partnered with reputable clients, such as Eagle Investment Systems, ESET, and Autodesk, to whom it offers custom software development services. Today, ELEK’s works focus on artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

3. 10Pearls

10Pearls is a software engineering firm that helps enterprises stay up-to-date with emerging IT technologies. Since its inception in 2004, 10Pearls has grown to a sizable software company that serves renowned brands like Paypal, Johnson & Johnson, and Thomson Reuters. While 10Pearls demonstrated adept expertise in mobile & web development, the firm also excels in building apps featuring AI, NLP, and IoT technologies.

Nestled in Washington, DC, 10Pearls operates in several other locations, including South America and the UK. Through the years, its reputation has been solidified by glowing customer reviews in different industries. This allows 10Pearls to charge up to $25-49 per hour for its services.

4. The Software House

The Software House is a cloud development company with a decent clientele in the tech space. With over a decade in business, the company offers a suite of cloud development services from Poland. It focuses on assisting enterprises of different sizes with their digital transformation needs.

Software experts from The Software House collaborated with clients like StageClip, Esky, and Dutch to scale their online presence reliably and securely across regions. They are equipped with in-demand programming frameworks, including React, Node.js, and PHP, and charge between $50 to $99 per hour for their services.

5. Riseapps

Riseapps is an award-winning software development company focusing strongly on MedTech applications. The company was established in 2016 and does business from its Estonian headquarter. Despite being a relatively young company, Riseapps was featured in major publications, including ProductHunt, Forbes, and The Washington Post.

Some of Riseapp's best works are implemented for Nikon, Fit20, and Viemed. Its teams are proficient in the necessary tech stack for building mobile, web, and backend infrastructure. More importantly,Riseapps has a strong understanding of regulatory requirements in the medical industry, including HIPAA, GPDR, HL7, and FHIR. Riseapps bills up to $25-49 /hour and is affordable for startups and small businesses.

6. Goodcore Software

Goodcore Software was established in 2005 and has delivered hundreds of successful projects since. This software engineering company specializes in custom software development that brings clients' ideas to fruition with cost and time-effective MVPs. Based in the UK, Goodcore Software is a reliable software partner for medical and financial services clients. GC Business Finance, XTracked Deliveries, and SWIFT are the big names in its portfolio.

To support its specialized offering, Goodcore Software has a multidisciplinary team capable of supporting businesses in the software development lifecycle. When developing solutions, clients appreciate the agency’s attention to UI/UX and critical functionalities. Goodcore Software charges a cost-friendly rate of $25-49 per hour and above.

7. 10Clouds

10Clouds is the go-to software product engineering company for developing artificial intelligence solutions. Since 2009, the company has been delivering custom software for clients across the finance, business services, and IT sectors. This includes the likes of Emergent Technology, Aleph Zero, and Trust Stamp. Clients pay up to $50-99 per hour when contracting 10Clouds as their software engineering partner.

Operating from Warszawa, Poland, 10Clouds has a commanding global presence after serving 100+ clients worldwide, including US, Western Europe, and Australia business locations. Its strength in AI provides an edge when developing AI-powered solutions for fintech, blockchain, Edutech, and HealthTech marketplaces.

8. Yalantis

Yalantis is one of the best engineering software companies for developing and deploying IoT solutions on the cloud. Despite that, the company’s custom software development service is much sought after in different industries, including medical, finance, and logistics. Since 2008, Yalantis has partnered with numerous clients, with Toyota Tsusho, Bosch, and Zillow being some recognizable names.

Based in Poland, Yalantis has several offices in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Estonia, and Cyprus. Its software professionals are trained in different disciplines, such as AI/ML, cybersecurity, and business intelligence. Yalantais maintains a high-standard software development environment and is certified in ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001. The company’s hourly rate starts from $25-$49.

9. Saritasa

Saritasa specializes in AR/VR development and is equally adept in delivering web and mobile applications to various industries, including medical, finance, and business services. This US-based software engineering firm was founded in 2005 and has accumulated a diverse client base, including SMBs and enterprises. Its portfolio reveals satisfied clients like iHeartMedia, BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse, and TIPMed.

Saritasa’s rise to being a high-value software engineering company is driven by its commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations. Its software teams evaluate each project adequately through dedicated consultations before the coding work starts. Expect software consultation and implementation fees from $100-149 per hour when engaging Saritasa.

10. iTechArt Group

iTechArt Group is no stranger to software engineering. Established in 2002, the US-based software firm has helped startups and conventional businesses with their cloud computing needs. iTechArt Group builds custom web and mobile solutions that scale with business growth. The company was the technological pillar that led to the IPOs and acquisitions of successful clients like Classpass, Freshly, and Dealcloud.

From its humble beginning, iTechArt Group now employs more than 3,500 engineers and software experts. With its broad resources and technological expertise, the company maintains an interest in Fintech, HealthTech, e-commerce, gaming, and other industries. Collaborating with iTechArt Group might cost up to $50-$99 per hour.

11.  Fingent

Fingent is an international custom software development company with offices in the US, India, Australia, and UAE. The company has bagged several prestigious awards since being incorporated after two decades of providing excellent services. It was accredited by several organizations, including IAOP, Inc and APAC Insider.

Fingent’s service coverage spans several industries, including education, financial services, and real estate. Global brands like Sony, Johnson & Johnson, and PwC form part of Fingent’s client base. Operating with hundreds of software experts, Fingent stays up to the pace with fast-changing AI and cloud technologies. It continues to deliver solutions that help clients thrive in evolving digital environments at affordable rates from $25-$49 per hour.

12. Geniusee

Geniusee was founded in Ukraine in 2017 but later shifted its headquarters to Poland. Despite being a relatively young software engineering company, it has completed over 100 projects in education, financial services, retail, and other industries. Since its inception, the company has helped clients like Scout and Drum Technologies Inc, Dell, and Zytara drive digital transformation strategies.

Geniusee is certified in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 and is an AWS Consulting Partner. This puts the software engineering company in a prime position to extend its custom software and mobile app development services for startups and established businesses. Geniusee charges up to $25-$49 per hour for its professional services.

13. Radixweb

RadixWeb started its business in 2000 and has worked with more than 3,500 clients since. It collaborated with HP Inc, Ricoh, Tesco, and other key industry players to meet their digital transformation needs. Based in the US, the software development firm operates through offices in different regions. With proven software development workflow and a team of 650 plus developers, RadixWeb has a remarkable track record in education, manufacturing, medical and other industries.

RadixWeb’s team mainly focuses on web and custom software development and applies professional software engineering practices to benefit their clients. Working with their team costs at least $25-$49 per hour.

14. Orases

Orases is a US-based software engineering company that has been in business for over 20 years. Guided by strong values, this family-owned business has supported entrepreneurs, product managers, and other business stakeholders in their software development requirements. Key clients like NFL, Xerox, and The Hershey Company underline the value that Orases brings to the table.

Since 2000, Orases has completed over 600 projects in different fields, including medical, business services, and consumer products. It has the honor of being recommended by Clutch as the preferred software development firm in the US for 8 consecutive years. Clients pay at least $150-$199 per hour when securing Orases’s services.

15. Zco

Zco is a software engineering company with an illustrious history since 1989. The company continued to adopt emerging software technologies throughout the decades and served notable names like Microsoft, Volkswagen, and Golflogix. As a US tech firm, Zco’s software proficiency is evident in various industries, including IT, medical, advertising, and marketing.

Zco’s team of software engineers ranges in the hundreds of personnel count and is mostly focused on mobile app and custom software developments. They are trained in multiple tech stacks relevant to building modern applications, such as Swift, React, and Kotlin. Despite being one of the longest-serving software developers in the US, Zco charges an affordable $25-$49 per hour for software engineering services.

16. Boldare

Boldare is a Polish software engineering company with a prominent presence in Europe and the US. Established in 2004, the company operates with a philosophical belief of ensuring product-market fit for fast-growing clients. They’ve worked with the likes of BlaBlaCar, Sonnen, Takamol, and other aspiring startups.

Boldare trained its sights on the education, IT, and energy sectors and has been developing custom software that scale. Clients are impressed with Boldare’s strong understanding of good UI/UX practices and commitment to validating assumptions with real users. Boldare’s hourly rates might cost almost $50-$99 per hour.

What Makes Uptech Stand Out Among Software Engineering Companies

Uptech is an international software development company that successfully delivered more than 150 digital solutions since 2016. Our foundational value to positively impact end users impressed Fortune 500 clients and startups alike. With more than 90 professionals, we continue to deliver products of the highest quality and help our clients grow and scale.

Our insistence on delivering engaging, reliable, and secure solutions won us several honors, including:

  • Top App Developer by GoodFirms
  • Top B2B Companies in 2020-2022 by Clutch
  • Mobile Excellence Award by Awwwards
  • Top Service Provider 2021 by Clutch
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Thanks to our multi-disciplinary teams, our portfolio stretches across different industries with glowing reviews from happy clients. Here are a few of them.

"Working with Uptech has been extremely helpful to our team as they have provided valuable insight into architecture and direction for our product. They are easy to work with, very collaborative, and successful at finding solutions that fit our needs".Lauren Liscinski, Product Manager at Dollar Shave Club

"This was a great experience. Uptech is professional and self-sufficient. The team quickly gained context on our business, and was able to deliver on time".Sarah Zuckerman, Engineering Manager at Cardless

"It's like hiring a tech department with business-minded people. They don’t just execute their code; they ask questions, provide suggestions, and learn about our business in order to make a proper product". Emanuel Possnert, Co-founder of Eatable

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So, which is the best software engineering company? The answer depends on your business goals, budget, industry, and other preferences. Still, securing software engineering services from a company with proven results allows you to reach the market affordably with reduced risk.

Feel free to talk to us for professional assistance in building your software.