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Aliona Nikolaieva

Product Manager

Aliona has been working as a Project Manager at Uptech for over 4 years. Her main focus is delivering successful project outcomes to Uptech clients. She ensures projects are completed on time and within budget while also minimizing risks and finding solutions to any issues that arise. Aliona has experience working with various industries like real estate, e-commerce, healthcare, fintech, and social.

As an Agile Expert, Aliona excels at prioritizing project features and ensuring they meet customer requirements. In the pre-sale phase, she carefully examines and approves project estimates, making sure they align with the needs of the clients. Her proactive problem-solving skills and risk-avoidance strategies contribute to the smooth development of projects, reducing any obstacles along the way.

Aliona has a strong track record of successfully managing scope, quality, timeframes, budget, and scheduling on numerous projects. She deeply understands project management principles and possesses expertise in requirements gathering, testing, and user interviews. One notable achievement was her collaboration with a team in building a unique platform called Nomad for a real estate startup based in Dubai.

With her extensive knowledge and insights, Aliona helps startup owners navigate the challenges of project delivery. She is dedicated to assisting business owners in achieving their project goals by providing guidance, implementing best practices, and leveraging her expertise to maximize project results.

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