Uptech, Product Development Studio - Manifesto

Updated on
January 10, 2023
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Five years ago, we started Uptech to challenge the conventional way software businesses were organized. We aspired to make a company with a focus on people and their growth, both personal and professional. We wanted to make a company where people would enjoy what they are doing. 

We dared to make a change in how companies are organized. And we nailed it!

To us, change means evolution. For these five years and still, we have made this change by creating great products.

Uptech is a product development studio where ideas and expertise meet to become great software solutions. Our mission is to build successful software solutions that make a change in people’s lives.

A product development studio is a laboratory where we work to produce our own products and build ones in partnership with aspiring startups and entrepreneurs. 

It is not only about coding. We work together to find the product-market fit and convert the idea into an aspiring startup.

It all starts with an idea. We do market research and dive deep into the client’s business as an integrated team of product managers, designers, and developers. We crystallize the product’s value and turn validated ideas into successful products.  

Our Values 

We base our operation on five unshakable pillars: 

Freedom and Responsibility

Uptech - product development studio

These two polarities complement each other in the boost of productivity. Balancing on the edge of freedom and responsibility is the biggest and rewarding challenge in life, which we pursue.   

By freedom we mean minimum bureaucracy: our client can directly communicate with any team member with no involvement. Moreover, any team member is free to bring initiatives, regardless of his/her status. 

Our responsibility means that we are not afraid to take commitments and realize them. 


Uptech - product development studio

The power of teamwork does wonders. People are the most significant capital we have. We do not put “client” or “employee” labels. Uptech is a product studio where everyone’s opinion matters. 

We believe that inspiration grows inside the team via trust and partnership. We treasure both in our work and gather around people who do the same. 


Uptech - product development studio

We are open to each other and every client we collaborate with. No ambiguous phrases, misinterpreted reactions, or hidden secrets. Open communication is our guiding principle, both with clients and within the team. 

We believe that making business is possible doing great things. We work based on healthy competition, firm values, and conscious aspirations. We do not work with projects, misaligned with our values. As a business, we do not only make money. We make a change. 

Product mindset

Uptech - product development studio

We focus on business value, not on sophisticated code. We suggest improvements and alternatives, make changes, and evolve continuously. We have our own R&D department, where we build our own products that aim to make a change.  

While the world is facing a breakthrough digital transformation. Uptech product studio strives to make this change positive for people and the world. 

Continuous Improvement

Uptech - product development studio

One can do many things. But do they matter, if they do not move the product forward. We believe that every step we take in building a product should be effective, making it better or at least teaching us something new.   

Final Word

As we have achieved a lot, we have even more energy and potential to bring new changes into our company and the life around us.