Stand with Ukraine


On February 24 at 5 am, Russia outrageously attacked Ukraine from all sides of the national border. Ukrainian people all over the country, including me, woke up from the deafening sounds of explosions, shootings, sirens, and calls from family, asking: “Do you hear bombs?”. 

Ukraine is a country with incredible IT talents. We have amazing talented engineers, designers, and product managers who create the world's best apps. 

But today, work is not on our minds. Today, we think of freedom to live and work in our birth country, speak our language, choose our own path and build our future. But, unfortunately, for the last five days and the last 8 years, Russia has been trying to take this freedom from us atrociously. 

Uptech and every team member, along with the whole Ukrainian people, are courageously standing for their freedom, fighting on military fields, in cyberspace, helping the Ukrainian army with food and medications, and helping each other hold on. 

How Will the War Affect Our Business? 

Uptech is committed to its clients, team, and country. And the best thing we can do for all of them is be resilient, save working places, and make the economy strong. 

As a company, our first priority is Uptech team member safety. We assisted and relocated most of the team from dangerous places and continue to help logistically, financially, psychologically. 

👉 90% of our team is safe.
👉 90% of people returned to work.
👉 Uptech paid salaries upfront to those who needed it.
👉 For those who help the army, went to the thermal defense, or can’t work because of the war, Uptech provides paid time-off.
👉 In the first week we hired 2 newcomers.
👉 All our clients stayed with us. I constantly receive words of support from them and our former clients. It is extremely motivating. Moreover, some of them donated money to support our army.

Now most of people are in safe places, already getting back to work. 

How Can I Help Ukraine? 

  1. Make a post on your social media with the words of support and the hashtag #IStandWithUkraine or #StandWithUkraine
  1. Follow and share news from authorized media, use your critical thinking, and fact-check every piece of information that you read or hear. Here are some reputable resources that you can follow: 

- Kyiv Independent - 

- The New Voice of Ukraine -

  1. Speak up! ! Call for your politicians, government officials, and activists to speak out for Ukraine and take political action. 
  2. Donate to the authorized organization Come Back Alive – the biggest Ukrainian charity foundation, helping the Ukrainian army and veterans by providing essential equipment like drones, night-vision goggles, and more). Just within one day, this organization collected 1 million dollars. Every dollar saves lives! 
  3. Hire Ukrainian team to support economy of Ukraine

If you have any concerns, questions or words of support, you can contact our account manager or sales team anytime. 

Uptech team is staying together. Strong and resilient!

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