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Mykhailo Palchuk

iOS Software Developer

With 6 years of expertise in iOS app development, Mykhailo has a strong knowledge base in various architectural patterns such as MVC, MVVM, Redux, and Reactive Programming. He specializes in creating unique architecture solutions that result in user-friendly applications with exceptional user experiences.

Outside of work, Mykhailo is an avid cyclist. He brings the same passion and determination to his professional work as he does to conquering cycling trails.

Throughout his career, Mykhailo has immersed himself in industries such as m-commerce, food delivery, and fintech.He worked on projects like GOAT and Sprent that required high levels of precision and attention to detail. His deep understanding of these sectors, combined with enthusiasm, fuels his drive to develop apps that meet the specific needs and challenges of these industries.

As a Senior iOS Engineer, Mykhailo embraces challenges and collaborates seamlessly with cross-functional teams. He believes in open communication, transparency, and delivering high-quality work that exceeds client expectations.

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