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Tips For Building E-Commerce App In 2021

Updated on
January 16, 2023
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The last two years have given a hard time for many industries. And e-commerce has not been an exclusion here. While the best experts struggle to make forecasts for the shortest while, one thing is clear – the e-commerce industry ought to adapt to the new era of business making. 

In this article, we have some tips for online e-commerce software businesses to stay afloat during turbulent times.  

Tips For E-Commerce Industry In 2021 

The pandemic has battered the financial capability of the public. Yet, not all is gloom and doom for  building e-commerce. With the right strategies, you can thrive and leverage the behavioral change of mobile shoppers.

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Change Your Research to Fit the New Reality

You can’t rely on old data to fuel your marketing campaign as the pandemic hits hard. You’ll need to come to terms that most of your customers are experiencing a hit financially. What used to work pre-pandemic may not do so with the changing consumer behaviors.

To ensure that your business remains relevant, you’ll need to reach out to the customers and engage with them in a meaningful way. Make it an effort to understand their new struggles and gather the data to innovate your business growth accordingly. 

For example, launching an e-commerce store for your shoppers who are hesitant to leave their homes. Or introducing features to help senior citizens order products with a minimalist interface. 

Provide Seamless Personalized Shopping Experience

Buyers wanted to know that they matter to your business more than ever, and the competition is getting stiffer on the internet. You’ll need to up your e-commerce strategy and start providing a personalized shopping experience.

Amazon and Netflix are good references when it comes to personalizing the user experience. But what is a personalized shopping experience all about? It’s about knowing what they want before they do and present the options to them.

When you’re shopping at Amazon, you’re presented with relevant items that you’re likely to add to the cart. With Netflix, you’ll get recommendations on TV Shows based on what you’ve watched and how you interact with the app.

The key to offering a personalized shopping experience lies in how well you’re gathering and using the users’ data. A shopper that has bought kitchen knives may also be interested in blenders and air fryers. Inject intelligence into the app to recommend related items to the shopper.

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Provide Super Fast Access to Reviews

The changing consumer behavior has led to them being savvier and often turning to social proof before purchasing. Therefore, it’ll be a smart move to have buyers leaving reviews on your e-commerce store.

The reviews help other shoppers to make decisions on the spot, rather than turning to Google and ending up at a competitor’s store.

Care about Desktop UX Too

Shoppers are flocking to the mobile platform, but you don’t want to neglect UX on your ecommerce website’s desktop version. Some consumers still prefer the large screen to research and make purchases, especially if it involves form-filling. Besides, the trend may reverse when the pandemic is eventually brought under control.

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While the COVID-19 has largely disrupted the e-commerce industry, it has provided new opportunities for business growth and positive change. By leveraging these opportunities, you can take your e-commerce business up a notch and gain a competitive advantage on the market.