Apple Vision Pro: How Startups Can Enter a New Tech Era

The recent WWDC event showcased a culmination of a decade's worth of innovation fueled by over 5,000 patent applications. What became totally clear was that Apple isn't just testing the waters; it's making a big impact in the world of AR and VR.

This moment is a wake-up call for everyone in the tech industry, but today, let's zoom in on startups. We've seen this story before with the iPod, where the market exploded after Apple introduced its game-changing device, not only revolutionizing music storage but also creating an entire software ecosystem with the iTunes store. I think similar potential lies within the Apple Vision Pro. It presents a business value that startups cannot ignore.

In this article, we'll delve into why the Apple Vision Pro is an unparalleled game-changer for startups. You'll discover:

  • expert tips on navigating the reality of the Vision Pro;
  • innovative startup ideas that harness its power;
  • insightful strategies to navigate this thrilling new tech.

As an iOS developer and dedicated Apple enthusiast, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of Apple's ecosystem. With the Apple Vision Pro on the horizon, it's essential for startup founders to grasp the immense potential and seize the opportunities it brings.

Let’s explore the impact and possibilities of the Apple Vision Pro and how startups can thrive in this remarkable new era.

Why Apple Vision Pro is a Game-Changer For Startups

I can’t hide my excitement about the Apple Vision Pro, and even the name of this block reveals it.

To be super clear, I’m not saying that it fulfills every promise. To truly assess the Apple Vision Pro’s potential, I'll need more time with the device beyond a guided demo.

However, in this block, I aim to shed light on why startup founders should take a moment to consider the Apple Vision Pro. We'll explore the new possibilities it presents, its potential to revolutionize the user experience, and the investment opportunities it opens up.

So, why is the Apple Vision Pro a must-have for startups? Let's dive in!

why apple vision pro is a game-changer for startups

Best-in-Class Hardware

First of all, let’s make it clear – Apple set a new standard for AR and VR headsets with their latest offering, the Vision Pro. Its sleek design and advanced features will captivate users, opening doors to endless possibilities. As startups thrive on the spirit of innovation, those bold enough to embrace visionOS will undoubtedly gain a competitive edge and gather attention from both users and society.

So, I think we should expect even more advanced and creative tech solutions from startups that adopt visionOS.

New Interaction Paradigm

Adopting the Vision Pro headset means no more clunky controllers. Instead, users will get a seamless and natural experience through eye and gesture control. Apple's image of gesture control is near perfect: users can make hand gestures anywhere around the headset, even resting them on your lap or a chair.

Apple Vision Pro experience

Plus, the eye-tracking array ensures that everything you look at is precisely highlighted. After a quick calibration, a simple tap of your fingers does the trick. It's effortless and makes me feel super excited!

Just imagine the possibilities. With the Apple Vision Pro, the apps in work, socialization, entertainment, gaming, healthcare, and other industries will reach new heights.

Market Validation

Apple jumping into the AR and VR market is a major stamp of approval for the technology's incredible potential. And it brings great news for startup founders!

This kind of market validation can be a magnet for investors, partners, and customers. It gives founders a boost of confidence in their vision and helps them gather the support they need to make their ventures a success. It's like having Apple's seal of approval backing you up!

Apple's Ecosystem Magic

Just like the iPod's iTunes store, Vision Pro comes with Apple's formidable ecosystem. This means startups can leverage a vast user base, app store, and seamless integration with other Apple devices, unlocking the limitless potential for growth.

As an iOS developer, I can’t mention the vast pool of tools that opens up. It all means:

  • streamlined development processes;
  • many out-of-the-box solutions for saving time;
  • industry-leading performance.

With access to Apple's arsenal of development tools, it is easier than ever to create rich AR experiences. It's a practical dream come true for developers like me.

Unparalleled User Experience

As many experts indicate, the first iteration of Apple Vision Pro is not a household consumer device but a professional product targeting designers and developers looking to get into spatial computing. Being a part of the target audience, I’m pretty sure that Vision Pro would enhance my workflow.

As a person who uses a Macbook as my company-provided laptop, with Vision Pro, I’ll be able to easily transfer my workstream from my Macbook to Vision Pro and back.

What is clear to me is that visionOS delivers an unparalleled user experience. It’s something that startups can leverage to set their products apart from the competition and engage different types of audiences.

outsourcing software development

Wave of Opportunity

The last reason why I think Apple Vision Pro is a game-changer for startups may sound a bit idealistic, but let's embrace it.

Just think, 20 years ago, who would have imagined that we'd have a headset capable of replacing an entire computer?

Now, let's picture a world where headsets are as ubiquitous as iPhones or iMacs. That's the direction we're heading with Apple's entry into the AR and VR market. It's a pivotal moment that presents startups with incredible opportunities to innovate and thrive.

Why is this such an unmissable opportunity for startups? Well, as I mentioned above, the market potential is enormous. With Apple's backing, startups can tap into a massive user base and leverage the brand's reputation for quality and innovation. It's a surefire way to capture attention, attract investors, and win over customers.

But there's more. The Vision Pro headset opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for creative and practical applications across various industries. Just think of the groundbreaking solutions that can be developed for fields like education, healthcare, entertainment, and beyond. It's a chance for startups to be at the forefront of technological advancements, leaving their mark and shaping the future.

“It's a chance for startups to be at the forefront of technological advancements, leaving their mark and shaping the future.”

So, to sum it up, the Apple Vision Pro is an opportunity that startups simply cannot afford to miss. It offers access to a vast market, brand recognition, and the ability to pioneer groundbreaking innovations. I’m sure it's time to seize this moment and be part of the future that's waiting to be shaped.

How Startups Can Prepare for Apple Vision Pro Reality: 3 Expert Tips

Here are some pieces of advice on how startups can prepare for Apple Vision Pro future and get the max out of it.

how startups can prepare for Apple Vision Pro reality

Tip #1: Ensure You Have Skilled Developers

The first step is to identify the skills required for developing on Vision Pro. It's crucial to have developers who are familiar with Apple's development ecosystem, Swift and SwiftUI is a must. Additionally, they should understand 3D programming, spatial computing concepts, and user interface design principles.

Here are some sample vacancy titles you might consider:

  • VisionOS Developer
  • ARKit and Vision Pro SDK Developer
  • iOS Developer (VisionOS SDK)
  • iPadOS Developer (VisionOS SDK)
  • Computer Vision/ML Engineer
vacancies for Apple Vision Pro

Tip #2: Stay Up-to-date of Apple's Updates and Roadmap

Monitor Apple's updates, announcements, and roadmap related to Vision Pro technology. Stay connected with Apple's developer community, attend conferences, and engage with relevant forums to keep up to date with the latest advancements and best practices. This knowledge will enable your startup to align its strategy, development efforts, and product roadmap with Apple's vision and direction for the platform.

Tip #3: Explore Business Models and Monetization Strategies

Consider different business models and monetization strategies that align with the Apple Vision Pro ecosystem. This might include offering premium features, subscriptions, or partnerships with content creators or businesses. Analyze the market landscape and identify the most suitable approach to generate revenue and sustain your startup in the long run.

5 Startup Ideas For Apple Vision Pro AR Headset

As we explore the endless possibilities, it becomes clear that Apple has accomplished something truly remarkable. They have successfully tackled challenges that other headsets simply couldn't overcome.

So, what startup ideas Apple Vision Pro opens up? Below I gathered 5 startup ideas that harness the full potential of the Apple Vision Pro AR headset. Check them out!

startups ideas for Apple Vision Pro headset

Remote Collaboration for Architects and Designers

With the Vision Pro AR headset, you can create a place where architects and designers can collaborate remotely with no limits. Clunky video calls and messy design iterations often pose challenges for professionals like designers and architects.  

By wearing the headset, it becomes simple to manipulate virtual models, make real-time annotations and suggestions. The precise tracking and depth-sensing capabilities of the Vision Pro will enable seamless interaction, allowing teams to work together as if they were in the same physical space.

Language Learning Assistant

Personally, I believe that AR and AI will drastically empower and transform the way we learn. The idea behind a language learning assistant is to develop an AR app that utilizes the Vision Pro headset and provides users with immersive language lessons.

In the past, virtual desktop setups often suffered from blurry text that made it difficult to read for long periods of time. Some even found it physically uncomfortable. But with the Apple Vision Pro, that's not an issue anymore. Text is incredibly sharp and clear, regardless of size or distance within your surroundings.

The AR headset will display text translations and vocabulary prompts in a new and comfy way, making language learning a more interactive and enjoyable process.

AR-based Medical Training Simulator

Another idea for leveraging Apple Vision Pro in education, specifically in healthcare, is an AR-based medical training simulator.

Imagine students at medical universities wearing the Vision Pro headset and simulating medical procedures. By using haptic feedback and precise tracking, the headset will enable users to:

  • perform virtual surgeries;
  • practice intricate techniques;
  • interact with virtual patients.

Detailed visual overlays will guide users through each step, offering a safe and immersive training environment.

I truly believe that this will take medical education and enhance patient care to the next level.

AR-based Enhanced Learning for Students

Students can explore subjects like history, science, and art through AR simulations, increasing engagement and retention. History lessons that teleport you to ancient civilizations, science experiments that defy gravity, and art classes that let you step inside masterpieces — startup founders can truly unleash their imagination and not limit their creativity!

start a new project

Virtual Fitness Training Companion

Develop an AR app that utilizes the Vision Pro headset to provide users with real-time workout guidance and feedback. The headset will track body movements and provide instant feedback on form and technique, ensuring users get the most out of their sessions. With its built-in sensors and AI algorithms, the Vision Pro will analyze performance metrics, offer personalized recommendations, and even cheer users on when they're pushing their limits.

Augmented Reality City Guide

You might think, "Leave some space for real life or a simple city walk," and I agree. But there's always room for innovation and ideas that will engage users. This last idea on the list is not a one-off replacement for live city tours; it's an alternative and, to be honest, an incredibly engaging experience.

You can create an AR-based travel app that leverages the Vision Pro headset to offer immersive city guides. As you walk, the headset will directly overlay relevant information about historical landmarks, popular attractions, and nearby restaurants onto your field of view. You'll be able to:

  • interact with the AR overlays;
  • tap on icons for more details;
  • check out user reviews;
  • receive personalized recommendations based on your preferences.

Doesn't it sound like something you'd want to try when exploring a new city?


As a startup founder, now is the perfect moment to pause and reflect. Picture a future where headsets are as common as iPhones, iMacs, or even Apple TVs. The impact of what has just happened in the world of AR and VR is simply mind-blowing.

If you hesitated to bring your tool, app, or product idea to life, take this as a sign to get started. Apple has just unleashed the AR equivalent of a first-generation iPod, and it's your chance to ride that wave.

If you find yourself with a startup idea but uncertain about where to begin or need assistance validating your concept and building an MVP, the Uptech team is here to support you. Our team of professional developers, designers, product managers, and QAs is ready to help.

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