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Arthur Myronenko

iOS Developer

Arthur is a talented Software Engineer with a knack for crafting exceptional iOS applications across diverse industries like social media, fintech, foodtech, streaming solutions, and marketplaces. For over five years of experience in iOS development, he has mastered the art of creating sturdy and user-friendly mobile apps.

As his career progressed, Arthur expanded his horizons into the world of software development with a specific focus on backend systems. This shift allowed him to broaden his skill set and contribute to the complete development process, ensuring seamless integration between frontend and backend components.

What sets Arthur apart is his remarkable track record of delivering top-notch applications. From building foodtech platforms (such as Eatable) and handling concurrency and push notifications to working on social network APIs (for social app Yaza) and creating visually engaging apps with AutoLayout, he has consistently demonstrated his versatility and technical prowess.

With his extensive experience in iOS and backend development, Arthur is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and technical expertise to startup founders seeking to build innovative and robust applications. He stays at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies, ensuring that he can provide effective solutions that align perfectly with business objectives. When it comes to building innovative and robust applications, Arthur is the one you can rely on.

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